2x Top 8 Nats: DDOS Bullshit

ryanbantwins 1966

This is the deck that I played in both the Belgian and the Dutch Nationals in combination with Haarp Combo. It went undefeated during both swiss rounds, but it couldn't secure the deal in the cut due to bad MU's or human errors (you start forgetting about EOI even if you have AC on the board, because you're not used to have agendas during the game). It won against all CTM, russian NEH, HB, Palana, Argus.

This is my version of the (un)popular Dyper deck. For those who are not initiated: You install all the Hyperdrivers. Use them all for one turn and Keyhole them up to 10+ times, check HQ with Turning Wheel counters, run on archives to steal all the agendas you Keyholed and finish with notoriety if you need to. Rumor Mill and Councilman to stop Jackson (or just run remotes), DDOS false echo to make sure ICE doesn't bother you and all the rest is basically to make your setup faster.

Special Includes

-Sports hopper: This was the only change that I made for the Dutch nationals. Knowing that the local meta likes to kill the runners, I swapped out one quality time for a hopper. Being able to tutor for it with AC helps a lot against certain matchups. The best thing about the hopper is that you can tutor it to do a quick dig for an event that you might need (rumor mill, noto, escher). Tutorable draw for untutorable events I'll keep it in my deck.

-Escher: If they manage to rez ICE dig for it and move the rezzed ICE away from R&D. I know a lot of people want to use atman but that doesn't help you a lot if the rezzed ICE is not the innermost piece of ICE, also it's just to expensive.

-Turning Wheel: Almost never needed, but if you have some spare setup it just secures the victory by cleaning out HQ since Keyhole will load it up.

-Notoriety: I don't know why Dyper players are not playing this card, it has been the difference between winning and losing so many times. First of all, you already want to run all 3 centrals and even if you don't, spending 2 clicks for one point is totally doable. Second, a lot of agenda builds make it very easy for you to get to 6 points (GFI) having an easy access to the 7th point is needed. Third, every time you keyhole and trash an agenda it gets harder to find a new agenda in R&D because overall the density will drop, so getting those last points are harder than you might think. Fourth, it eleminates some random chance. You no longer have to gamble with those last clicks and hope you'll find an agenda, you can play safe with Noto. And last but not least it's 2 credits cheaper than FTE.

-All-Nighter: Not as efficient as Hyperdriver, but you can trade setup for an extra click.

-No Beth: Tested, and it was not good enough for the deck. If a corp wants to win, he'll need to go very fast. So a good player won't waste time gaining credits because he barely needs them. Even if you get a cred every turn, it won't be enough because the game doesn't last long enough anyway.

-No Dirty Laundry: While I would like to have an easy mark. Making runs against a lot of the current decks is just too risky because of HHN.

Piloting tricks

-Using Artist Colony to sell a fan site to install a fan site when he's about to score an agenda. I don't want to draw a fan site anymore, so now my draw will become slightly better.

-Only install one Leprachaun, 3 hyperdrivers and one False echo. Saves time and money. Often going for the 2 leprachaun and the installed keyhole will just be too slow to setup.

-Be generous with your SMC's. Pop them at the end of your opponent's turn for a Hyperdriver and save a credit. You can get a keyhole and False Echo with AC and CC. Don't let those SMC's stay on the board for the entire game. You need to maximise those Kate triggers.

-Don't wait to long to fire your combo. Sometimes it can be tempting to wait untill you have all the extra pieces as long as the corp is not on matchpoint. Yet, you have to respect random tech (EBC/crisium) or devastating BN plays. Also important to remember is that every point for the corp makes it harder to score out for you.

-Against glacier/rush it's often a good choice to wait for an install of an agenda, since you can snipe the agenda out the remote during the 13 click turn making it easier to get to 7 points.

-Against NBN be carefull for BN plays. It's often good to keep your DDOS and your AC in hand. Losing one of those can be detrimental. Also it's often a smart idea to pop a CC or a SMC right after a BN to lower your credit total to make a closed accounts less devastating.


And last but not least a quote from the Belgian Champ Okkdoko that says everything you need to know about this deck.

-There is a stream but it only shows an empty table.

30 minutes later

-Brian just dypered a German. Not sure if I preferred dyper game over empty table ...

8 Oct 2016 OneFabric

How will you deal with possible multiple Accelerated Beta Tests? Will Escher be enough? Also, how will you deal with Haarpsichord Studios: Entertainment Unleashed?


8 Oct 2016 ryanbantwins

ABT: I will often try to contest an early agenda against etf if I smell an ABT and if I have access to DDOS. The install of a Jackson sometimes gives it away yet it's a though call. If my opponent lands multiple ICE with a beta test and knows how to place it I'm probably screwed, yet etf-players will often place one on R&D and on the remote because they don't card about HQ against Dyper. Sometimes clicking through a bioroid might be an option as well on HQ or R&D. If he gets hard etr on both centrals before I score points I have no answer, but that's a risk I'm willing to take. Yet the speed of the deck solves a lot of those problems. I played Kepa's Etf in both tournaments, once I won before he could score an ABT (like under 8 turns) and lost the other after 1 ICE ABT where I couldn't find Escher in time.

Haarp: Almost impossible if the corp is smart, since you can only make 2 meaningfull turns beacuse you only have 2 DDOS. Even best case scenario where you Keyhole 2 turns (spreading Hyperdrivers) steal 2x2 pointers (haarp will ice archives) and use 2 notoriety, you still need to yolo the 7th point. I guess you can try to get a free access early or steal a naked agenda. Also keep in mind Haarp doesn't play a lot of hard etr. Yet all of this is probabaly enough of a speed bump that you will likely die before you can complete all of this.

Overall, it's always a meta call. I didn't expect a lot of Haarp, IG or Bootcamps. Maybe a few ETF but that's doable. More than 50% of the games were against NBN and it has a good matchup against those in my experience.

9 Oct 2016 OneFabric

@ryanbantwins Thanks for the thorough explanation. I guess meta based discretion is more important than the value I give it.

14 Oct 2016 tzeentchling

Thoughts on BOOM decks? If they can get two Breaking News scored, 24/7 into BOOM could be a problem.

14 Oct 2016 ryanbantwins

Hi. When BOOM! gets legal I will probably get myself a NACH. I can tutor it with Artist Colony or even just install it because I don't really score agendas anyway. One NACH in the deck should keep me safe enough I think.

Alternatively I could get a Hades Shard and drop a Clone Chip. But that would only protect me against PS AD decks and those are already easier to beat for Dyper by not running :p

The toughest change will be to build around Scarity of Resources. Half my econ can be made unplayable by one card. And paying 2 extra for fan sites and DDOS is not that easy for me. Still working on that (dropping some resources or playing an extra current).