Link Journalism - 1st place Summer Tournament 2016

stefant 3

I won a tournament with this deck (Max-XP Gaming, Glasgow, UK). Admittedly shared first place (exact same strength of schedule) out of six participants, but still.

The deck depends on a combo to give the Corp bad publicity. The combo was not my idea but this is the first deck published on NetrunnerDB where it has been used outside of Shaper. I mulligan for DaVinci. Then install it and make a run before the Corp has ICEd all servers to get a power counter on DaVinci. Draw for Aesop's Pawnshop and install it. Find Activist Support. Now, at the end of the Corp's turn, you can trash DaVinci to install Activist Support from your hand. At the start of your turn, the Corp gets one bad publicity, and then you sell Activist Support to Aesop's Pawnshop. I have been able to pull this off in almost every game, but there is also a Corporate Scandal as backup. (Extra DaVincis can be used to install other cards if there is an open server to run on.)

Now you can make runs with Blackmail and recur them with Same Old Thing. Of course, you can only make six such runs, so use Raymond Flint and Infiltration to expose installed cards to only run on agendas. If you manage to find Globalsec Security Clearance this puts a lot of pressure on the corp because you will see the top card of R&D each turn (for a click) and will know when to run. Councilman can negate any upgrades the corp may have in its servers, or can be used to derez Jackson Howard if the Corp wants to shuffle R&D before you access.

Since it is a 50 card deck, you need to draw more cards. That is what Quality Time and Rachel Beckman are for.

If the Corp has any cards that remove bad publicity or is able to rez ICE without you making any runs, you are in trouble. Then you will need to get through your deck to install Icebreakers. Usually it will not come to this.

9 Oct 2016 whirrun

Is Rachel Beckman really better than street peddler here if you're looking for draw?

9 Oct 2016 stefant

@whirrunI forgot about Street Peddler and it would perhaps be faster and less expensive but I figured I needed to use Rachel Beckman for draw five times to essentially get down to a 45 card deck. Rachel Beckman is more versatile than Street Peddler because extra clicks can be used for anything, so that can be a positive.