DNA Tracker Jacker - RP is back baby!

Dzerards 207

Took down a Summer GNK with this reworked retro RP deck.

With the release of Temujin Contracts, there has been a resurgence in run based economies and Criminals. Just like back in 2014. You know what was good back in 2014? RP!

First game up against a Nordic Championship Whizzard deck. A lotus field remote locked him out and I rushed out Nisei, Nisei, Future Prefect in short order for the win.

Second game against Gang Sign Leela. A rough start saw me lose two Nisei Mk2s from HQ, but after Leela face-planted a DNA Tracker on R&D we had a window to score out the final Nisei. Between ELP and RPs ability there were no easy servers to farm Temujin or security testing money and Leela was dirt poor the rest of the game. It got to the point she was running through DNA Tracker on 0 credits, but only accessed Future Prefects! Some careful playing around Gang Sign allowed me to soon close out the game

Final game against siphon-eater Maxx. Slow and steady build up of central defences, while raking in heaps of Sundew and MHC money, until Maxx ran out of steam. Then quickly scored out. Kept hold of the ELP to overwrite Rumour Mill. The HQ defence was Pup, Assassin, Eli, Crisium, Caprice. And I Celebrity Gifted to show I had a second Crisim Grid and an Interns in hand!

All in all, quite happy with how it played. Didn't get siphoned or Temujined once all night! Though it would get straight up wrecked by a Rumour Mill Val! Might try to squeeze in some Executive Boot Camps. Pre-rezing ice should slow down blackmail and Dyper decks, give you some more consistency in finding Jackson and Sundew early game and also can be used to dump credits into ice to duck Beth triggers.

12 Dec 2016 slowreflex

Any updates to this? Or would you still run it as is?