You Come At The Keung...

JohnnyMilton 1015

So here's the conceit: I want to play an Omar deck that uses his console and his breakers, and I want to win games with it.


You get to spread the corp's ICE thinner, maybe slow them down early game securing centrals and you get some cheaper centrals accesses. The first two are easy to make the most of in the way you play. We make the most of those cheaper centrals accesses with Nerve Agent and Medium and Obelus (singletons of the viruses because we can search for them with Djinn).


Paperclip and Black Orchestra. Install them from the heap and you save a click. With your ID ability and Magnum Opus, a click goes a long way. They're fuelled by credits so we're going to want to be clicking Magnum Opus often, to build towards repeat runs with our multi-access viruses.

Paperclip has amazing efficiency but Black Orchestra is expensive and awkward (fitting as code gates are supposed to be Anarch's worst ICE matchup). Even a single Datasucker token goes a long way, however, so we'll slot in a couple of those and we'll build them up as we smash central servers.


With no multi-access tools, it's similar value to Desperado. With multi accesses, it's extreme. You build threat fast with those draws. Those cards can be fed to Faust, be played quickly for good value - eg. Stimhack and Dirty Laundry - and just get you set up.

Big draws also let you discard the conspiracy breakers, which is exactly what you want to do.

Only one bonus MU means that we're gonna need some help from Djinn but they're great for fetching stuff too.

The bonus hand size means that you don't care so much about brain damage (like a true Anarch) so Stimhack fits in nicely. It's particularly insane for conspiracy breaker installs.

The benefit from being tagged is nice but not so good that you want to be very tagged all of the time. Like any tag me Anarch, that moment where you go into tag mode should be a conscious decision. In matchups, vs NBN and Weyland, it seems right to make the corp pay for the privilege of you being tagged. And especially in the new BOOM! meta, that extra handsize is going to save lives. Also, neither Vamp nor Joshua B. tag you so much that you can't clear them

You don't need heaps of tags to get value out of Obelus. There's only 4 self tagging cards in here. Vamp and Josh B provide amazing value, especially combined with Magnum Opus.


  • Magnum Opus is the best tag me economy card.
  • Mimic and Cerberus "Cuj.0" H3 will become the conspiracy killer. But for now they're getting the job done.
  • Rumor Mill might be the best current vs glacier in the game. Making the corp instantly "pop" Jackson is great.
  • DDoS for early threat and value - this is a flex slot.
  • Demolition Run pairs nicely with the multi-access viruses and, if timed correctly, can lockdown tricky matchups like Accelerated Diagnostics+BOOM, or Dedicated Ronin IG. Go tag me and trash your opponents' Psychographics. Trash their whole hand. Dig insanely deep on a single turn with Medium. Cackle maniacally. Win.
  • Spooned is for big code gates like Tollbooth and DNA Tracker that are a pain for Black Orchestra.
  • Dirty Laundry is strong value and easy to play once you're set up - one or even two of these are flex slots.
  • Temüjin Contract is just value. Drop it click one, smash a server and shrug if it's trashed.
  • Trope is insurance against huge overdraw. Great to drop early and use when you need to free up some MU. Trope and Temmy Contract might be swapped for a Levy AR Lab Access, a Same Old Thing and a Parasite. Whether Levy's necessary is a matter for testing because if it isn't needed, Contracts are too valuable to pass up.
  • Clot is for all of the fast advance decks going around at the moment.
  • I've Had Worse for draw and murder protection. Honestly, between Magnum Opus, Demolition Run, Obelus and this, you can play smart to make almost any flatline match-up work.


With a core set, the big boxes, Blood Money, Escalation and Cyber Exodus you can build most of this deck.


13 Oct 2016 esutter479

I like the look of this. It seems like it all makes good sense. :) I posted one as well, and while I don't disagree with Djinns, I tried mine out with them a couple days ago and ended up not using them due to making use of my Progenitors. I'm interested in how your build does, since I love Magnum Opus but just sorta overlooked it in my build.

13 Oct 2016 DrMarodi

"... you best not miss!" (love the reference)

13 Oct 2016 FarCryFromHuman

I think -1 Magnum Opus for +1 Temüjin Contract makes sense (plus keeps you at a single core set). Otherwise this is a cool take on Omar. I really like the variety in the threats you can deliver, and Demolition Run is a pet card that I never seem to be able to pull off, but I think will be great out of Omar.

14 Oct 2016 dubious

@FarCryFromHuman, 100%, Demolition run is super easy to pull off in omar as you can usually build a medium or nerve agent via archives accesses, then when you go for the run itself there's usually less ice than normal on said central.

15 Oct 2016 JohnnyMilton

@esutter479 Progenitor is a pretty inspired choice actually. Not sure if it's quite right here because are so many programs and it'd reduce consistency but I like it. 0 credits to install is great too. I've actually gone up to 3 Djinn, they've been that useful.

15 Oct 2016 JohnnyMilton

After some more play made a couple of tweaks: -2 Temüjin Contract -1 Trope, DDoS, Dirty Laundry, Faust +1 Levy AR Lab Access, Forked, Djinn, Same Old Thing +2 Parasite

Better consistency and aggression now. The extra Djinn mitigates MU headaches that were sometimes cropping up.

@FarCryFromHuman @dubious Yeah Demo Run is the MVP of this deck. On occasion I'll drop it early game to trash an operation or ICE from the top of R&D if it seems worth the tempo.

@DrMarodi got caught for an hour watching Wire clips before posting this up :) how good is it?!