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Wizards First Rule: "People are stupid"

That quote has nothing to do with this deck, but I've put in in anyway. I suppose this deck did beat a Whizzard on the day, so that could be construed as a link.

Some people have asked for the Argus deck I took to the UK Intercity in Newcastle. This is it.

You may recognise it from Seamus's deck posted earlier in the year. That is because I stole the idea from him.

(It's alright, we had a chat at the event and he's totally cool with it :D)

So I picked this idea up earlier this year, and played non-stop Argus up to mid-October. The deck went through 5 iterations with only minor tweaks to keep up with the meta, and the core has remained the same.

However, this one focuses far less on the kill, and more on the rush strategy. Hence only two scorched (not at all because I only own 1 core set!)

The Agenda suite is of course chosen to make you money, and the ICE suite is all hard gearcheck ETR's with a few notable exceptions.

With the advent of Paperclip, a Jackson bit the dust to bring in a Blacklist, which performs admirably when stuck behind an ice wall.

The rest I would like to say is self-explanatory, in that you want to be trying to score an agenda, behind a piece of ICE they can't break, as quickly as possible.

I'd be happy to play this in any competitive scene, but that might be just me.

This went 4-1 at intercity, losing to an Apex (turns out Endless Hunger is really good when all your ICE says "End the run"! Who knew!) but beating out Adam, Kit, Whizz and Sunny.

To be honest writing down those Runner names makes me reconsider how impressive the winstreak was.

Ah well.

Argus everybody - still got it.

16 Oct 2016 Seamus

I approve this deck name.

16 Oct 2016 Sixtyten

This deck ruled this weekend. It now has a 3rd Scorch. Beware

16 Oct 2016 Cliquil

There is a high ratio of cards that make me hate you versus cards that don't. Therefore excellent deck.

18 Oct 2016 Pilgrim

How do you find DNA tracker in this deck?

18 Oct 2016 Brightsides

@Pilgrim Effective. You often end up close to twenty credits early on if you've managed to score once, due to the cheap-ish ice and money maker agendas. The threat of scoring out even faster will force the runner into early runs when they are poor, and DNA tracker is excellent in that situation, as it's never cheap to break, and is taxing if it fires too. 6 credits and 3 cards will seriously threaten a Sea source flatline, giving you a possible scoring window.

It was previously a Tollbooth and a third Jackson, but has performed better than the tollbooth - bad pub often ruins the tollbooth tax.

19 Oct 2016 Walker Net Ranger

Respect for the Terry Goodkind reference.

21 Oct 2016 lolpaca

What did you switch out for the third Scorch, out of interest?

I also took Argus to the same event but didn't do nearly as well with it :) Congrats on the wins.

21 Oct 2016 Brightsides

@lolpaca Slight confession - I didn't . Even after Seamus was generous enough to donate one of his own, I thought long and hard about it, and decided I was happier with only 2.

However if you feel you would benefit more in your meta from the kill approach over the rush, the CVS and Prisec slots are able to rotate out. If my meta ever stops playing 3 plascrete (grrr!) I will swap out a prisec personally for the third scorch. Similarly, if datasuckers fall out of the meta, the CVS will swap out.