ANRPC GLC 2016 1st place - Some Canadian Guy's CTM

x3r0h0ur 8583

This was my corp deck that I played with my DLR Leela deck. Corps are in a bad spot, and this was a solid enough choice to bring with me to win enough games to get in. It did not do that great, but I made my changes and sleeved it up Friday before heading out, so with more practice, I could have done better. Overall it went 2-2 on Satuday (1 was an ID), and 2-2 Sunday (1 was 241). In Elim it picked up its 1 win it needed to by producing basically the stone cold nuts draw, including t1 astro, hedge, wraparound. Victories were over Slums/temu whizz, Andy, and I think another Temu Whizz? I didn't really track corp games sorry.

Basically you tax runners with CtM, MVT, Politicals while making enough money to HHN, grind out central access, and stick enough tags to get a EoI for BN, after scoring 4 points the hard way or off SanSan. BN sets up lots of big plays with Closed, EoI and ASI. Archived was added to grab SanSans, HHN for back to back HHNs for crushing pain, or even the god tier EoI archived EoI in the right spot. Other than that, read Lopert's post for how to actually play it, since he for sure knows better.

19 Oct 2016 Dazzling

how do you play Product Placement?