ANRPC GLC Finals 2nd Place-I Hate Kitten Astronauts

tstack 924

This is the corp deck I took the ANRPC GLC finals this past weekend. It went 4-3, with all 3 losses coming to x3r0h0ur's DLR Leela deck (1 in swiss, 2 in cut). The wins were against Nexus Andy, DLR Maxx, Temujin Whizz, and Good Stuff Andy. Thanks to Mike, Brian, Max, John, and Alex for some fun games. Also to Spags for running everything smoothly.

This is pretty much the usual glacier Palana from regionals season with some changes to improve the MU vs decks with Rumor Mill. Standard glacier Palana felt pretty dead after Rumor Mill came out. PSK negates your best glacier/rush pieces and Jinteki ice doesn’t tax as well as HB, making a Caprice and Batty-less server hard to score out of, especially without never advance agendas. Now we have DNA Tracker. Tracker is super taxing and is a very painful face check. You can create taxing, painful servers that don’t collapse without a Caprice at the bottom. PSK is still a huge problem, but matchups vs. decks with a 1 or 2 of without recursion are now winnable thanks to Tracker and Scarcity. Scarcity is a nice taxing current that is mainly used to clear Rumor Mills, but is very good in its own right as a tax to help open up scoring windows.

I think this deck has solid/favorable matchups against most decks running 1 or less Rumor Mills, however some MU’s are basically auto-lose. Blackmail, Rumor Mill Val and DLR Leela are pretty terrible for this deck.

On 3GFI and 1 TFP vs 3TFP and 1GFI-I think that the 3GFI build is worth it, you are only running 8 agendas, I want to the runner to have to steal 4 most of the time. Often they will have to win a psi game to steal your agendas anyway. Also, you tend to lose more agendas out of your scoring remote than before PSK, might as well make them worth 2 pts.

The deck did pretty well, but there are a few potential changes I’ll look at moving forward. -2/3 Eli, +1 Ichi, +1/2 bastion, +1 Ark Lockdown, -1 Interns.

17 Oct 2016 x3r0h0ur

It didn't occur to me until after I got home and started building this from memory that there were no pups. I think I've been to hung up on pup, which is far too thin these days with rich Temujin runners.

I think the ark is a good bet, the agenda suite is about what i had except -1 CST +2 clone retirement (to pair with clones are not people), for the theme win and PSK cancel, so I agree 3 food is great. Honestly I think the 2 scarcity is enough without impacting the power of the deck. How do you feel about Bako over WoS? The pickup is great for knifed and parasite decks, and helps vs legwork/ttw/etc.

Great games, I'm putting this some sleeves for casual night tomorrow.

17 Oct 2016 tstack

I like going bako over WOS, I forgot we had talked about that as a change too. Thanks for reminding me! Great games.

9 Nov 2016 gammanet

why WOS over vanilla?