The Prestige

oasis 90

Sahasrara+Brahman = cheap battery for breaking most sentries. Bouncing Zu & Mimic are also options for fueling brahman LLDS assists by making the reinstalls more powerful.

Patronage & ID ability keep drawing those cards back into hand for reinstallation

Dumpster Breakers are usually free to install and are always pitched at the start of turn for a gamble. On reinstall, they'll draw you a card.

Beth gives you enough clicks or draw to keep the pressure up.

Temujin & Technical writer keep your economy comfortably ahead.

Hostage is Aesop's number 4, though it can also get beth & patronage.

This deck is designed to put cards back on top of your deck and redraw them for value, so it's unlikely you'll need Levy.

It may be worth droping the hostage for another cache and a chop bot. Chop bot is especially good because it'll both draw you a card and help removing hard hitting news tags.