The Grand Event Rebirth with Fanfic

hlynurd 222

This is basically thesubatomic's The Grand Even Conspiracy except with a few card changes:

-1 Vamp

-1 Obelus

-1 Account Siphon

+1 Same Old Thing

+1 Rebirth

+1 Levy AR Lab Access

This plays similarly to the original but I wanted to take advantage of the dizzying speed that MaxX allows you to set up your rig. You can use the 3 remaining influence for your favorite meta cards. It almost feel like cheating playing this deck.

The Grand Event Rebirth

A human barrier blocking the way to the space elevator. Pop. People throwing stones at Broadcast Square. Pop. A hammer crashing down on a bioroid’s head. Pop. With a satisfied grin on her lips she spit the gum on the floor and turned off the live news cast. On her console she changed the sound settings of the apartment: no sound barrier, maxximum volume. Now she could hear the sweet sounds of chaos from outside the building as clearly as if she was standing right in the middle of the street. Live music is still the best, she thought. Lucky she got her stims in time for the show. Her pulse rising, her thoughts rushing, she felt the speed of the run. Faster, faster, more breakers, more stims, no mercy, no fear.

“You see, but you do not observe” came a rough voice from outside the net. Not this again. Why couldn’t he just behave like other old people? She interrupted the connection. “Well, you obviously don’t see that I am busy trying to get access to Jinteki headquarters! I just need another stim shot to get around this f***ing DNA-tracker.”
“You only see the straight path in front of you. But there is always another way”, said Omar as he put the used gum back into its wrapper.
She shouldn’t have agreed to let him live in her apartment. But she owed Whizz and he said the old man wouldn’t bother her. He needed a place to hide for the next month, she needed money. And he was paying well. It seemed like a good deal.
“Sometimes the key to the present lies hidden in the past.”
“Yeah, you already told me the last time. I still don’t get it.”
He sighed heavily. “Then let me show you again” he said plugging himself into the net. It took him only seconds to get into the server.

She should have accepted the stupid day job instead.

19 Oct 2016 h0bb35

Using MaxX to setup up the rig and have Omar take over from there makes so much sense. Good job!

19 Oct 2016 Myriad

You have... three influence left?

Faust x2? Seems pretty choice in a build like this.

20 Oct 2016 kollapse

Or a single Apocalypse perhaps?

20 Oct 2016 Saan

-1 Black Orchestra +1 Yogg, -1 Day Job +1 Planned Assault, imo. Orchestra feels real bad as your sole code gate breaker, lemme tell you. Day Job is very slow econ, and Planned Assault stands in for Siphon #3.

21 Oct 2016 Phoenix

I don't think I can justify using Maxx anymore now Ark Lockdown is a thing. Sadly.

21 Oct 2016 Myriad

@PhoenixMaybe, maybe not. Its a strong tech card against MaxX, but to build a faster deck in Anarch is pretty much close to impossible.

Well, impossible without sacrificing 5/6 deck slots.

So it is the price you pay. Ark is strong, but you will know the match ups that it is there.