Mad Scientist

oasis 90

The true thing about this deck is that it needs a way to set up faster in the early game. That may mean finding room for hyperdriver or something else, the deck is still a work in progress.

Like my previous exile deck, this is designed to abuse the dumpster breakers & brahman. This one has a tad bit less draw since the ID ability isn't inherent, but what it lacks there it makes up for by using powerful programs that synergize a bit better with Brahman. The dogs & d4 are your primary Brahman targets, and for the most part you'll be breaking with the dogs (which are all good).

But, this deck introduces a bit more dumpster breaker synergy. Yes, you still have 4 creds a turn from the pawnshop. That's a most crucial piece of this deck. But, also, endless hunger serves as a way to cash those breakers out for a break that would be more expensive than the cash return of just gambling again.

The toolbox I'm really iffy on. The link is super helpful in the meta. The recurring credits grease the wheels just a bit. But the 9 install cost is a lot to swallow, even if you mod it for 6. Leprechaun is the only way to stomach both Endless Hunger & Brahman; but, you need 5 memory beyond that just to handle the combo of reinstalling for nearly free each turn. Leprechaun also gives you the opportunity to trade out hunger (or before hunger) dropping a sneakdoor (with sahasrara of course) getting a quick tempo boost and cashing out when archives gets iced up.

The turning wheel could be traded for a rebirth, and then you'd want to find room for nerve agent. The wheel has synergy with just bouncing off of ice on R&D or HQ for your clip or orchestre, so it's not a clear upgrade, but the idea of morphing into exile is actually kind of cool.

Since we're the professor, we get to run the full suite of clone chips. They seem best at recurring self modifying code from my games, though they may allow a sneak attack or an extra use of endless hunger or even aesops under the right conditions.

I tried to narrow this one down to just the essentials. It's still clunky, but it's a good fly by the seat of your pants professor deck. It's also a dog deck. So... DOG DECK.

20 Oct 2016 HopelessHeretic

I feel like Prof's biggest issue is money and finding deck slots for money due to the nature of his ability. Cards I would consider for this deck are:

Technical Writer you are constantly re-installing the dogs and David so this will get tons of counters.

Cache You are playing all the cards that make this card really sing so you should add this free money into your deck.

Scavenge: If we are adding cache scavenge is a great flexible card in this deck. Can be used to refill the dogs or david, used to get money with cache, or used to get an important card back from the heap, and will place counters on tech writer if you decide to go that way. I think it is a much better choice than modded.

Sneakdoor Beta is really sweet tech in prof and always a surprise card out of shaper and is even better if you add in Nerve Agent

Cards that I think are not that impressive in this deck:

Dirty Laundry and Modded I just feel like their are better money cards you could be playing and modded interacts poorly with Sahasrara.

The Toolbox at first looks like a good solution to late game economy issues, but the console takes so long to pay it back. The link is good in the meta game with all the tracing going on but the economy hit you need to take can set you back so many turns. I ultimately think that a Levy AR Lab Access might be better over all to improve you econ game thant the tool box.

Overall I think you have an interesting deck going here, and it's always great to see another Prof player on the site.

Hope this helps.


20 Oct 2016 oasis

@HopelessHeretic Why cards were in the deck before I cut them & why some cards stayed, not that they were all the right decisions.

Technical Writer requires a click to get your money back, in play I almost never wanted to take a click to trash it and was never sure when the right time to cash in was; and also, it tended to give me money once aesop was going, which was when I didn't need the money.

Cache: as a 1 of or at most 2 of it wasn't doing a lot of work, and if the memory wasn't available it was dead in my hand.

Scavenge: Probably pretty good with dogs, not actually that good with cache. It's about a gamble, but you never really want cache sitting around on the board to make this work. It was best once paperclip aesops was online, in that you'd trade paperclip for cache at end of turn and aesops the cache getting back the paper clip later. But, by this point in the game you need to win, not execute clunky combos for cache. The importance of aesops+paperclip is that it's a clickless gamble that is awarded to you for playing well.

Sneakdoor: it's already there. I've already commented on nerve agent if the turning wheel is taken out.

Dirty laundry: There's click compression in running, getting your paperclip & making a buck. So it's better than some other economy cards. it can also be used early game pretty easily.

Modded: This deck needs an early game patch before the combo comes online. That's what modded is for. It allows you to play cash poor and get stuff online that let's you snowball up earlier. It also is a way to get toolbox in, and there are turns you're using sahasrara entirely on paperclip, and modded let's you play an additional program on the cheap. One of the hidden things about sahasrara is that it absorbs the tempo loss that usually goes along with installing things. This deck's major benefit is that it loses very little tempo when it installs things and modded does fit that mold.

I've already waxxed on why toolbox may be a bad card for the deck. Mirror (used in the exile deck) may be just as good. Could even do 2x mirror, 1x toolbox and aesops the mirror if you're at a point where toolbox can be installed.

You shouldn't ever need to levy with this deck. Brahman constantly puts stuff back on top.