Fisk and Noise Sitting in a Tree: K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

Nick! 144

This deck is TONS of fun. It's obviously a solitaire deck, so expect to get some salt thrown at you if (and when) you win!

Main Strategy: First, get an Aesop's Pawnshop out as quick as possible. If you have a Cyberfeeder or Chop Bot, get them out as quick as possible too! Making an Entrance is a wonderful idea early to get Aesop's. Without Aesop's, you'll have a rough go of it. Once Aesop's is out we can start our main objective: FISK INVESTMENT SEMINAR THE HECK OUT OF THE CORP! There are 3 Fisk Investment Seminars in the deck. There are 3 Deja Vu in this deck to add Fisk back to your hand. There are also Same Old Things to Deja Vu the Fisks back into your hand. AND you can install Trope which will let you add Fisk back to your hand. Milling the Corp into drawing 3 cards 5-10 times in one game typically won't end well for the Corp.

Side Strategy: With Noise as the pilot, this deck is equipped with has 19 virus programs to mill the corp even more. The idea is to Fisk (or I've Had Worse) once per turn and install 1-2 virus program each turn. You can use the virus program(s) to feed Aesop/Chop Bot for 3 credits/1 card/1 tag removal, respectively.

End Game: Complete deck outs only happen two or three games out of ten. This is where the strategy comes in. Once the Corp gets to a place where if they get another turn they will likely win, you have to strike. Three pieces are needed in hand/installed: Rumor Mill, Turntable, and Hades Shard. (Turntable can be installed earlier, but I like hanging on to it as a surprise. Rumor Mill isn't a must, but it's nice to block Jackson if the Corp catches wind of what you plan on doing.) You will need 10 credits (or 3 credits and an open or DDoS-able Archives) to install these 3 from hand, both of which are easy to maintain thanks to Aesop's, Cache, and the recurring credit(s) from Cyberfeeder(s). After installing Hades Shard, trash it to access the cards in Archives and watch Turntable do it's work.

See, I told you this deck was SO MUCH FUN! You'll probably tick someone off, you'll hear swear words, you'll see smoke coming of ears, but that's part of the fun. :)

Obstacles: Cards that give meat damage almost always require tags which almost always require the runner to run; we don't run! Bye Bye Hard-Hitting News! This deck would be slightly susceptible to a Jinteki deck running asset spam (Imp helps with this a little with it's trash abilities, if absolutely necessary). Fast advance can be tough, but Clot helps with that a lot. Not to mention, the corp will usually spend one or two turns purging virus counters. The only things I've encountered being a major issue are Door to Door (money drain) and Museum of History (card recursion).

Try it out, let me know what you think, and please give ideas for any improvements or ways to overcome any of the obstacles.

25 Oct 2016 StarlightCrusade

Love the idea. Rules Note: can you use Same Old Thing to play Fisk Investment Seminar? If you use Same Old Thing, you're no longer spending only the first action to play Fisk Investment Seminar. Of course, you could always use Same Old Thing to play Déjà Vu, which is what you describe.

25 Oct 2016 prozz

@StarlightCrusade u cant use SOT for FIS as its priority event

25 Oct 2016 yosempai

Fisk x Noise...seems so rude! I love it

25 Oct 2016 MrAaronSA

I think you probably could use more DDoS. If I'm a corp and I see you play FIS, I just start scoring. If you have a ddos on the board early, that's going to at least make the corp maybe wait a few extra turns to start rushing.

9 Jan 2017 SkittlesSinistereo

Do you have a backup plan if the Hades Shard gets murdered by a damage hit?

9 Jan 2017 Nick!

@SkittlesSinistereo Deja Vu can bring it back to hand if need be.

9 Jan 2017 SkittlesSinistereo

``@MakersEyebrow`Well then, I am apparently blind to that lol

9 Jan 2017 Nick!

@SkittlesSinistereono worries! It took me a second to think about the possibility as well!