Mushin no Lakshmi

YankeeFlatline 219

Special thanks to gebeverungen on for beating me with a deck that was similar to this one and giving me the idea to actually publish the thing. The combo is pretty simple - you need 2 of either Global Foods or Vanity Project in hand, 3-4 of your low cost assets, an Advanced Assembly Lines if you're going for your VP, a Mushin no Shin, a Shipment from MirrorMorph, a Lakshmi, and three clicks. Install gear check ice on R&D and HQ with Lateral Growth, pop Blue Level and Green Level whenever you see them, keep your creds high and your expectations low, and draw your deck like a madman until you see the combo. Once you do, you Mushin out the agenda, Ship some assets and a Lakshmi, rez everything, and enjoy a turn of the runner realizing that you're not playing a CI7 Combo before he proceeds to trash everything out of whichever server he can access more easily.

It's got a 20% win rate for me and that feels genuinely good.

26 Oct 2016 Manadog

When I played vs this deck I think I said I looked forward to seeing this published on NRDB. It 100% caught me off guard and was pretty fun to see work.

26 Oct 2016 DrMarodi

Nice idea! PAD Factory seems like a moneycard here. If you have Jeeves Model Bioroids ist even better. Film Critic is still a problem though.

26 Oct 2016 YankeeFlatline

What would you do with PAD Factory?

27 Oct 2016 YankeeFlatline

The weird part is that for all this concept is fragile and janky so far I'm 4 and 4 with it which is way better stats than I expected.

28 Oct 2016 YankeeFlatline

latest build has -1 cerebral overwriter, +1 aggressive secretary (program trashing would be more useful than decreasing handsize for this deck, especially against someone that drops a film critic/imp), -2 cobra, -1 vanilla, -1 quandary, +1 reclamation order, +3 chimaera. game plan now is to throw mother goddess over whichever server they're going to hit hard and a chimaera over the one they might not hit that often, probably hq and r&d respectively. right now it's 5 and 4 on jnet, which is actually not bad at all, and with fast track it can score that first agenda really fast and put them in panic mode. reclamation order is to snag whatever piece you need to finish off the combo for the second run through, or if the runner trashes all your advanced assembly lines or lakshmi smart fabric.

i'm worried about imp/film critic builds, but if they hit you with them hopefully they won't win off it. i figure the gameplan at that point is take the vanillas/quandarys in your hand, mushin out an aggressive secretary, and shipment them out into a big stacked scoring server that the runner will assume has an agenda at the base of. he runs it, you blast his icebreakers, and hopefully score out the next turn with one of the agendas you still have in your hand.

employee strike is still a problem and unless i try to make space for currents i don't know quite what to do to avoid that problem except maybe try to get a cybernetics court in play, throw out some ice, and try to hard advance a gfi behind some gear check ice. same old thing would make that rough though and this deck doesn't have a solid answer to current battles or the deckspace to get an answer so i just have to hope i don't run into it.

things to be psyched for: Violet Level Clearance

29 Oct 2016 YankeeFlatline

played against someone running a sillhouette deck. mother goddess saved me from an account siphon and i got hit by an employee strike, but managed to score out a mushin'd vanity project to get around it. a gamble against someone with employee strike, but getting your id blanked might be something worth gambling out of. used will o the wisp, a new include replacing an aggressive secretary, to get a gordian blade out of play a couple turns until he drew into a special order. a few turns is all it takes to get the combo together though.

thought employee strike would be one of the big weakness but scoring out a gfi behind gearcheck ice is pretty nice. a later growthed cybernetics court, if you had one in hand, could be a pretty good response to employee strike too, giving you at least a turn of respite.