I'm a BIG GIRl now! 2.1

Oathwood 241

Where we are now:

This deck started of as a monster-rig Chaos Theory at the release of garrote. With alot of playtesting and change of playstyle, the monster ice breakers stayed, but where I once had alot of tutoring, I know focus more on account denial.

Getting richer than Bill Gates:

Magnum Opus and Katie Jones is more than enough to get your economy insanely out of hand. That with the Account Siphons of course.

You can't keep me out forever:

But the core of this deck is to make huge r&d runs. With early account denial, the corp will feel the need to ice up HQ, while leaving r&d more fragile. That's when you RDI + maker's eye for a solid dig, then harass hq and remotes for a couple of turns.

I went and broke your fortress:

With garrote, torch, and corroder, getting in will be a piece of cake. Remember, you want to make big, multi-access, runs. So spending a turn to get 6cr MOpus and 3cr on kati is totally viable, and will leave you with 9cr and 3 clicks next turn (if katie wasnt stacked from before).

Don't get a heart attack:

This deck plays extremely aggressive early game, run early, and run alot. The test run/scavenge combo will help you get a full breaker suite out faster, and really cheap. Then build up your multi-access machine for the win.

Have fun!

4 Apr 2014 kollapse

Am I missing something, or have you forgotten to add in the Vamps?

I can attest to the deck's strenghts, as earlier versions of it has wreaked havoc with my earlier corp decks.

4 Apr 2014 Oathwood

Fixed. Removed the part about Vamp :)

5 Apr 2014 framweard

What do you think about Paintbrush? I think I'm going to try your deck (looks real fun!), but Paintbrush is calling to me. I personally can't see how it would fit into your deck, but what are your thoughts?

5 Apr 2014 Oathwood

Paintbrush can be real good! But the MU is a problem. You could change the dyson to the memchip with +2 MU, remove one plascrete and go with 3 memchip. Then maybe remove a MOpus and add one paintbrush? :)

7 Apr 2014 Ragnarook

Why is Dyson Mem Chip in this decklist? Chaos Theory has 5 MU and all your programs together only use 5 MU.

7 Apr 2014 Oathwood

Magnum Opus is 2 MU so is Garrote