More link?

killj0y 59

Not a fantastic deck but I wanted to see what Sunny could pull off.

Good solid econ. Your icebreakers aren't cheap but they don't take up much MU generally so Data Folding can keep popping every turn even with a full rig. So long as you're triggering your Nexus and Another Day another Paycheck then Power Tap is another good option.

All the link ever. Between nexus, Sunny, Mem chips and sports hopper you're going to have 4-9 link which makes even midseasons an exercise in draining the corps coffers.

With the icebreaker strength bumps and easy credits there shouldn't be anywhere you can't get in.

Biggest potential adjustment is removing some copies of breakers to make room for run events or multi-access.

26 Oct 2016 doldol161

I'll cut those breaker to one each, make 9 card and 7 influence for more econ. Add up some Kati Jones for more econ, 3x Special Order for breaker you need and cut those SMC out. The Maker's Eye or Legwork would be good for this deck cause u don't need to run too much. Oh you still have room for Rabbit Hole too.

hmm this is really quick advice, so hope this help!

26 Oct 2016 killj0y

The SMC vs Special Order is about the same influence but not a bad choice, just depends on if you want the breaker NOW vs in middle of a run.

Given that i've got two different breakers for each type I'm not too worried about rig shooters but given the size of the deck i'm worried about getting them into hand when I need them since I'm not using any Inside Job type bypass other than Security Nexus

R&D Interface vs The Maker's Eye ? Same influence, hardware or event isn't going to impact my MU. I do think consistent regular access would be better than burst access.

I'm not a big fan of Kati, maybe if I have the influence Liberated Account

26 Oct 2016 doldol161

If you have influence for Liberated Account, Tem├╝jin Contract is a better choice here focus on RnD only because your Globalsec Security Clearance. I'm not sure that you're running too much if yes i'll suggest The Turning Wheel for multi-access.

26 Oct 2016 MisterLovejoy

I've found Modded to be a fantastic card for Sunny. It's a little bit of the economy boost that also helps keep tempo up as you're drawing extra cards to assemble the rig.

27 Oct 2016 DrMarodi

You definetely need some form of multi-access, otherwise it would feel like 'much ado about nothing'. So ditch the out of faction breakers.