Rec Droids 1.1

enraeh 52

Main aim is to get a single server defended with a high strength ice or Archer, with an Eliza's Toybox hosted on Full Immersion Rec along with a campaign. Then you keep rezzing using Eliza's, particularly the Archers to avoid having to forfeit an agenda.

As the campaigns play out, swap for agendas, or if you've got all the use out of Eliza's, swap for Jeeves. No defensive upgrades other than Heinlein grid because Rumour mill exists, and if you get set up quick enough can do pretty well against Temujin as there's nowhere for them to run.

Haven't updated this for a while, would probably swap the Ichi 2.0 for the new Fairchild. From here: .

31 Oct 2016 CactusJack