Agenda Gattling (3-1 Gothenburg GNK)

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All credits to Sysp for the original deck concept. I just fine tuned and sharpened the concept into what you see before you.

Shoot the Runner with Agendas. Whatever they steal, they get punished for. And if they don't steal, score and gain a credit advantage with the Russian NEH engine.

On the day I beat a Leela, a Nexus Kate, and a Whizzard, and got a timed loss against a Leela.


18 of them. That's not too many.

2-advancement Agendas (Project Kusanagi and Clone Retirement) both are great at triggering Team Sponsorship and clearing Currents.

House of Knives is, along with Chronos Project, your grind tools. House does 4 net damage overall, and Chronos makes sure Levy does as little as possible. Chronos is also amazing against the glut of decks relying on Black Orchestra and Paperclip running rampant.

Fetal AI is almost never scored, but instead serves as extra Snares.

Philotic Entanglement is a bomb. If you score this late, you generally win. If you score this early, you can 24/7 it late and usually win.


Ambushes: Snare! because Snare. Killin' runners since Core set. Psychic Field does amazing work when the runner becomes complacent after seeing too many assets. Shock! is fine, but not stellar. It's good extra damage, and makes the deck that extra bit scary.

Economy: The Russian NEH-engine. Score agendas to recur Advanced Assembly Lines with Team Sponsorship, and gain credits with Turtlebacks. Susceptible trashing, but it makes the runner waste time trashing, while you score more agendas.


24/7 News Cycle is your second Philotic. Score Philotic early when it works, then shoot 'em later. It can also trigger Chronos Project on demand, which can be devastating.

Ark Lockdown is the new spice. Hunt heap-breakers and Levys with wild abandon. Punish runners who think their heap is safe.


Cortex Lock, Vanilla and Aiki are your cheap gearchecks. They force the runner to actually get breakers. And for those of you who doubt Aiki, don't. It's the real deal.

DNA Tracker is the other new hotness. Rezzing it is not always worth it, but you can actually ambush runners with this bad boy sometimes.

The deck takes quite a few games to get used to, but is incredibly fun and surprisingly powerful once you can pilot it. Shoot some runners with agendas!

31 Oct 2016 aermet69

Looks delightful! Would it make sense to fit in some Bio-Ethics? Seems they could work well with AAL?

31 Oct 2016 Hallenbach

What is your win conditions? I understand you can go Philotic Entanglement or 24/7 News Cycle into Philotic on the winning turn. Is there any other way?

I've played some PE before, but those decks always included Ronin to close the deal.

31 Oct 2016 pang4

@aermet69: Haven't found the deck space for them, though they do seem sweet. Any ideas for cuts?

@Hallenbach Regularly, we actually mill the runner out. Ark Lockdown hunts Levy primarly, to give the runner a limited health pool. Set up your Snares and Cortex Locks with strategic House of Knives-counters.
The thing to remember is that you don't need to "close the deal". Grind them down. Leak some agendas, score some others, fire a Psychic Field here and a DNA Tracker there... It's surprisingly easy to do 25-30 damage, which is usually all you need.

12 Nov 2016 FightingWalloon

Where do you play ice? Centrals? Protect the NEH engine?

12 Nov 2016 pang4

I generally ICE centrals and maybe put 1 ICE to score behind. It allows for some amazing mindgames. You'd be surprised how much you can score behind an Aiki, or land Psychic Fields or Snares behind ICE.