All my friends are runners (Undefeated Gothenburg GNK)

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The queen of the lategame is back and in fashion. Lock down the game with The Source, Security Clearance and infinite drip cash. Credits to binnet for providing me with the original list, as well as the shound thrashing he gave me with it to make me try the deck.

In the tournament, I faced two Palana Foods, a Personal Evolution, and a Controlling the Message.


Just the standard Sunny suite. No Support programs needed. Your econ is robust enough to not require Datasuckers or similar cards. Your breakers are decent at worst and pretty strong at best, which is all I ask for.


Just Nexus. Enough good things cannot be said about this console. It's the reason you can keep up in the early-midgame to pressure servers and force the corp to spend money.


Employee Strike has one job: clearing your achilles-heel, Scarcity of Resources. It's a fantastic card in general, and you need a current to be able to fight that battle (you never steal agendas).
Calling in Favors is excellent burst economy, and can help you offset the tempo hit of making an expensive run, installing a Nexus, or dodging Hard-Hitting News.


Off-Campus Apartment is the core. If you find this in your opener, you'll have a tremendously easier time setting up. Don't worry about getting tagged and having it trashed: if you play carefully, you will not get tagged.

Then, start the dripping. Credits, cards, more credits, clicks, trash-credits, runs, even more credits. You even drip Spy Cameras with Globalsec Security Clearance. The longer the game goes, the more powerful these cards become.

Defend yourself with New Angeles City Hall and Guru Davinder. With these out, corps really shouldn't be able to flatline you. Film Critic keeps your NACH around.

Film Critic also lets you steal agendas through The Source. Kepp The Source alive when the corp scores with Fall Guy, to make sure you keep it around.

The Source makes FA almost impossible, and never-advance becomes a distant dream. Breaking News isn't nearly as threatening when it's a 1/3. It's your tool for keeping the corp slow and honest, and lets you catch up with them for a crushing lategame.

Ready to play some Glacier as runner? Take the hacker mom for a spin.

31 Oct 2016 killj0y

The only thing that bugs me a bit is that given the cards in the deck your link maxes out at 4. If you use the security nexus ability the trace 5 is going to mean you need to pump some cash into it to avoid taking the tag so it's going to cost you 1-2 either way. Either 2 on NACH or 1-2 into link strength improvement.

The deck also seem to rely on the source as the single point of corp restriction. Without backups in the form of Clot or Chakana you're digging for 2 possible cards in a 50 card deck. If you get the source but not the cards to save it, or get both of them late you're kind of putting yourself behind the 8 ball against fast advance.

No recursion at all means you're somewhat vulnerable to rigshooting of any kind.

No multiaccess? Sure you're getting a ton of free runs, extra clicks etc but you can't get an R&D lock and you're at the mercy of chance if they're holding their agendas in hand waiting for a scoring window because they know you can get into their remote anytime you want.

I think maybe drop the data folding as a bad investment (takes 3 turns to pay for itself.) Replace with sports hopper? More link, more trashing, more card draw?

Tough call on what to move to free up some influence but Legwork, Clot, or R&D Interface would be a welcome addition to shore up some of the possible problems.

31 Oct 2016 pang4

Thanks for the feedback :)

Regarding Nexus: I think people get too hung up on getting "free" runs with it. Paying 1 or 2 to bypass a DNA Tracker or Curtain Wall is still amazing. It's great on it's own, and doesn't need the support people cram onto it. The only reason Access to Globalsec is there is to help against CtM, who trace you ALL THE TIME.

Getting The Source but no Fall Guys is generally ok. You still slow 'em down and get a heads-up of when to run. I'd love to fin influence for a 3rd, but alas, it's tight.

Regarding multiaccess. Have you played with Globalsec Security Clearance? Because that card's text is "You have R&D lock now." (I know it's more complicated, but it's a good slogan xP) The card means that the corp will ALWAYS have to click for cards to get a card you haven't seen. You don't need multiaccess. For reference, look at the Panopticon Haley decks :)

Rigshooting is a big weakness, I'll be the first to admit. I'd look into finding space for redundant copies of breakers, or influence for a Déjà Vu, since that can recur prime resources too.

Regarding scoring windows: it's almost impossible to build one when the train starts rolling, and Calling in Favors or emptying Kati Jones can close that window blazingly fast. Single-poking HQ means they can't get complacent either ^^