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Gripeaway 6

I wanted to use a different identity for a Jinteki deck for you. Replicating Perfection is probably still your best identity to use, but playing for fun, this one can work decently. The foundation of the deck is the "Minority Report" Prisec + Psychic Field combo. If you install both of these in the same server and the Runner accesses that server and accesses Psychic Field first, they have a 67% chance to just lose the game (so a 50% chance to have a 67% chance to lose the game when they access this server combo). The threat of that allows us to install a 3/2 agenda alongside one of these and possibly be able to score it next turn as the Runner may be afraid to run. If the Runner doesn't have a sentry breaker we can install an agenda alongside a Prisec with a Komainu in front and the Runner won't be able to access after the Komainu fires without dying.

Our identity lets us do a few things. If we see a scoring window we can install a Nisei MK II without advancing it and then if they don't make a successful run we can score it the following turn. This can lead to a snowball effect as we can easily setup another Nisei once we've scored one and have access to the ability. Otherwise, we can use the identity ability to put advancement counters on something to save them for later. This ability does not require that the card can be advanced and they can even be placed on Runner cards. Most commonly we want to put these on expensive Runner cards (Kati Jones, consoles, big programs, etc.) or we can do it on things like Project Junebug or an installed Snare! After that, we can use Trick of Light to score a 3/2 agenda from hand by moving two agenda counters we generated and stored with our identity. We can also score an installed Nisei without advancing it the turn before with Trick of Light and we can even score an installed Future Perfect we didn't advance previously if we trigger our ID ability and can play Trick of Light for 2 more counters.

The ICE we play is mostly taxing and not very expensive. We just want to make runs difficult for the Runner in order to keep them from being able to run too often and thus trigger our identity. We don't really need to protect remotes except when we may be trying to score.