Aggro as fuck

hutch9514 225

So this deck has had some decent success, I use to play a ton of account siphon recursion back in the day. And basically i'm done playing decks that don't run enough so I built this bad boy. I play this deck very fast and very gutsy, many would say i play this stupidly because I run far too often and that's probably true. But I don't care. the name of the game is netrunner and i'm tired of not running enough. If i die, i die. The biggest problem with this deck is resistor since you go tag me like right away. Still trying to find a way to deal with it. Have been thinking of adding cutlery just for that. If anyone has any better advice for it that would be much appreciated. Otherwise enjoy this deck. It's a good deck in the right hands. But definitely not for the faint of heart. Happy Running!!

4 Nov 2016 whirrun

Have you thought about adding En Passant now that Intervention is out? Maybe for Xanadus or some Parasites to get the third Siphon, which might also let you run Inject.

Additionally, maybe Knight could help with Resistor? I still have a soft spot for it.

4 Nov 2016 Relenzo

If you Siphon while you have Lamprey installed, do you know if the Lamprey has to trigger first?

4 Nov 2016 ejg5124

You could try Sports Hopper as the extra link might let you just trace right through resistor. Plus some scorch protection.

4 Nov 2016 Wolfknight

@Relenzo you can choose to trigger Lamprey before Account Siphon. Or vice versa.

4 Nov 2016 hutch9514

@whirrun I have thought of en passant. I was going to make room for it but I haven't gotten the pack yet and that's probably the only reason it's not in there. And I like the knight idea. probably slotting that in there. Thanks to all for the suggestions!

5 Nov 2016 Friff14

Knight a point. But with resistor and going tag-me, they're going to get up way above 7 strength if you're not careful.

The only real way to deal with resistor is David and knifed, IMO

5 Nov 2016 hutch9514

@Friff14 I agree with you. If I can find room for it I would. Might just slot the knife as the only Cutlery

5 Nov 2016 Swinstar

Surely lamprey happens when the run is succesful then syphon replaces the access of cards later, therefore lamprey goes before syphon?

5 Nov 2016 hutch9514

Lamprey happens in 4.4 and account siphon happens in 4.5 on the timing diagram. . So yes lamprey would happen before account siphon. But honestly I'm fine with that order in this deck. Account siphon is nice to gain 10 credits, but more than anything it is used to get rid of all the corps money.

16 Nov 2016 hsiale

THe best solution to Resistor is changing ID from Reina to Quetzal and finding space to fit 1-2 Knifed. In current meta of 10-15 ice decks Reina is not that great.