Boom Goes the Dynamite (Worlds 2016)

CodeMarvelous 19754


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This deck was piloted by my friend Laura to great success at worlds. It is a design I have been sitting on since BOOM! was spoiled. Since I knew I wouldn't be making it to worlds I didn't publish as to give no advantage over my friends who took it with them.

The core gameplan here is quite simple, land tags, BOOM!, Archived Memories and then boom again.

The power combo that this deck is built on is 24/7 News Cycle, Closed Accounts, Hard-Hitting News to leave them with a lot of tags and no money. Once you create this board state you have time to dig for boom and secure the kill. This combo also gives a big middle finger to Networking and Paper Tripping.

5 Nov 2016 x3r0h0ur

That video was taken at my college during my sophomore year. It was so obnoxious to be there during this lol.

5 Nov 2016 Cascadia

I played against this, it should have been recorded by NeoreadingGrid or something. She scored out against me, though.