Ctm (second place Enschede)

ogrillion 107

Turns out all the political assets in one pack is rather powerful. This does the usual CTM bullshit - put down assets and dare the runner to start taking tags. If they are reluctant to risk tags, 'encourage' them with hard hitting news. This deck made a record 69 credits, earning 10 per turn thanks to unchecked Bankers. It's only loss was to a crazy combination of medium and From The Ashes- anything is possible in!

9 Jan 2017 adquen

I can see that this deck makes crazy money. What I somehow fail to see is how you translate that into a win against a cautious runner. You can get to 4 points with FA/NA scoring all your 2/1s and the Astro. If you use the Astro token, you can even NA a Private Security Force to go up to 6 points ... but then? There is no Exchange of Information in the deck, and if the Runner really does not go tag-me and just runs servers with more that one card, how do you get that 7th point? Do you need to rush it out early?

Maybe I'm assuming too much information on the runner site, but the political assets will give away your pack choice pretty early, and as soon as they see HHN they (can) know you can have neither EoI nor Beale. Sitting back and running only in case of SanSan danger seems the best thing a runner can do ... apart from being Whizzard and relentlessly destroying each and every server you set up because you have no asset recursion, but in that case you might actually Psycho out for the win. :)