Trumped (Worlds 2016 2nd in Swiss, 4th in Cut)

Murphy 1388

This was what I ended up with for Worlds. This is not far from the standard list so I won't go into crazy detail.

It is worth discussing the Ice and Upgrades.

Product Placement is a favorite of mine (<3 Spark). I had always floated the idea of playing it in CtM but never tried figuring it didn't earn the slot.

Joseki played with 2 PP the day before in the Icebreaker and said it was "really fucking good". I cut the CVS and the 3rd Tour to fit them. He also cut both Bankers for a Biotic which seemed cool but was too extreme of a last minute change for me the night before Swiss rounds. It worked for him and Wes though.

Product Placement was really fucking good. Countless people (probably only 3 but exaggeration is fun) ran into it with 4 credits to dodge the Tour. It's a Good Time.

Archangel was also surprisingly good. My favorite play was turn 1 Ice R&D, Gamble, some nonsense into a remote.

Whiz plays Temuj into HQ and and runs it. I looked at my hand and was thinking "this is going to be hilarious". He hit the Archangel and I triggered instantly because it was hilarious. I think the math was right too (somebody can correct me). He played Temuj again on click 3 and hit it again on click 4 (no trigger this time because why not install it).

One Popup may look odd but our team list played 3 so I figured I'd try it and it worked. Two would have been nice.

I didn't play with Data Raven originally because our local meta has been jacked up on Siphon Anarch for about a month (Info Overload has been WREAKING people in SF, that encounter trace is my favorite part). I was tempted to keep 2 Turnpike and the Info Overload for Worlds but fellow Oakland player Adam Cabrera convinced me to switch to Raven and drop the IO. This was the right call.

Adam is a reasonable person. It is useful to have somebody like that to play with.

I played a bunch of Kate and Whiz. Without God Draw I don't see how either beats CtM with any consistency. It certainly didn't happen at Worlds.

Oh yeah, I would have dropped 1 HHN in hindsight. Joseki was on 1 and I think that was right. People play around it so it would have been better to have another Tour or PP.

Pro Tip: Never advance A LOT more Agendas than you are comfortable with. It's good and the game lets you just do this for free. You can score an agenda behind a Popup Window. I believe in you.


7 Nov 2016 Meristem

Great deck. The build I'm playing has some of the changes (Biotic for CBG, -1HHN) which have been working well. I wanted to get your feedback on a specific choice.

I slotted 3 Data Raven and 2 Data Ward, dropping all Tollbooths. Ideal scoring server was Raven, Raven, Ward, stacking 2 Ravens to beat Nexus.

Data Ward feel mostly positional, but it managed to work out and keep people out in testing. Your thoughts?

8 Nov 2016 Murphy

Thanks @Meristem

Honestly, you are ahead of me on testing Intervention. We were ignoring that pack since it wouldn't be Worlds ready.

I'll definitely be testing Ward before Store Champs. Dropping Booth entirely worries me but I should test it.

Ward feels good even without Raven. I may try without Raven for a bit to get a feel for how dependent it is.

Let me know how it goes!

8 Nov 2016 is44ru

@Meristem stacking ravens does nothing against Nexus kate sadly. The turn will be : click 1 run, take tag, take tag, nexus ward, access click 2 remove tag, click 3 remove tag, click 4 mopus/draw