NACH FC Smoke: CtM Killer

pinkj 154

I know. CtM, right? So oppressive. Tags and tags and tags and tags. Wasting tempos on removing them. Best corp in the current meta. Did you watch Worlds 2016? It was a CtM festival!

Smoke knows what to do. See, she doesn't need much money with most corp match ups. Cloak, Net Mercur and Ghost Runner takes care of ice breaking econ. Data Sucker for good measure against 4 or higher str barriers for Blackstone. She is really solid even without Temüjin!

The only match up that feels stiff is CtM. So two copies of Film Critic and NACH are slotted JUST FOR Controlling the Message! And it's great as long as you have enough econ to bounce the tags off when they come.

I experimented a long time to find a way around CtM and found out that the best way was to just not get tagged at all! Once you have FC and NACH installed, ProCo to econ heaven with Lucky Finds and run on everything. Breaking News sneaks mean nothing now. Get RDI and HQI installed with a second FC(!) and FC all those agendas to pure glory. It's not jank if it works and it certainly does.

Artist Colony is there to get rid of early agenda scores to install NACH and/or FC when you need them and to avoid EoI plays. Also great against News Team and finding those breakers.

The 'wild card' of sorts in this build is Net Shield. I have it against Jinteki PE and PU match ups, but if the meta would change to a Fast Advance deal, replacing it with Clot is probably a good call.

Enjoy oppressing the great oppressor!