Dirty Hands 2.0

travisrchance 2254

This is the deck I used to win the Plugged In tour at Pasttimes in Chicago. I placed 4th the next day at another Plugged In with it. This is the updated version I just used to win a Store Champs.

6 Apr 2014 mabool

Why do you have Sharpshooter (and Deus X, but that one also shutdowns Jinteki) while you have Faerie?

3 May 2014 Galfridus

Would love to hear comments on the changes between this and v1.0!

15 May 2014 AsteriskCGY

At one faerie you would burn through twice the number of clone trips to get through strong sentry Ice. With Sharpshooter you can run both and cut down the number of things you need to trash to get through like an Archer to a Janus. If necessary.