Primary Directive: SPAM: Bioroid ICE

CactusJack 117

How quickly can you spam out bioroid ICE? That's the question this deck seeks to answer.

This deck is completely untested.

It has 1 goal - to quickly spam out Bioroid ICE and the rez it for as cheep as possible. To achieve this goal, it's packed with cards that gain you money and install stuff: Advanced Assembly Lines, Lateral Growth, Tech Startup, and Howler.

It has cards to recur the above cards: Museum of History, Project Vitruvius. Admittedly, this is a bit weak. Reclamation Order and Interns would also be good fit - if you can find the room.

It has money saving measures: Haas-Bioroid: Architects of Tomorrow, Brain-Taping Warehouse, and Surat City Grid.

Awakening Center, Howler, and Accelerated Beta Test are present to spam bioroid ICE - ALWAYS fire ABT!

The ICE is also mostly low in cost, maximizing the effectiveness of the corp ID.

Advanced Concept Hopper and Corporate Sales Team provides trickle economy, and/or a card draw (which helps with the spam cards).

9 Nov 2016 YankeeFlatline

wow howler is pretty good for this

10 Nov 2016 CactusJack

@YankeeFlatlineI hope. I'm testing it out today with my FLGS group (really excited). I'll post how well it does.

11 Nov 2016 CactusJack

Well, I just finished testing it out. I played 3 games, and won 1: 1/2. Not an especially great start. The 1 win was mostly due to a very lucky early game ABT that got 3 ICE: Heimdall 2.0, 1 other I forgot, and Howler.

What have did I notice: I never got to use Tech Startup, except once. This needs a counter to Currents, ESPECIALLY Employee Strike - I'm thinking Enhanced Login Protocol, which combos nicely with the Bioroids. Awakening Center is weird.

IDK, I think maybe there are too many pieces and it just needs to be streamlined a bit.

14 Nov 2016 jpthegreat

Influence left over? Always use all.

15 Nov 2016 CactusJack

@jpthegreatI think that's debatable. A similar deck list was created by Krams, he played with 49 cards and payed the influence for Museum of History.

I don't know what I'd spend the influence on, but I'm willing to take your suggestion, jpthegreat.

18 Nov 2016 CactusJack

Now that I've done some further testing, I realized that Surat City Grid can be a crazy good in this deck, I just need to get past the idea of solely using it with Brain-Taping Warehouse.