First 'proper' deck

BigDoniel 7

Is what it says it is, my first non-onesies deck with my limited card pool. It's based on this deck I found,, modified for cards I just didn't have. Any advice is much appreciated!

10 Nov 2016 Ladriel

Hi, original author of the list you referenced here.

I haven't tinkered with this list for a while but i guess dropping two Chakanas for some other goodies might be a good choice, it may require testing.

If you got access to Black Orchestra you can save influence on Yog too.

Deckslots are tight though but it's always nice to see people tinker with this ! :p

10 Nov 2016 PaxCecilia

Having 2 different consoles is not recommended since you cannot install over them (i.e. if you have Grimoire in play there is no way to replace it with Obelus unless Grimoire is trashed through a card effect). I don't think Data Leak Reversal is a great card slot either because you don't have any self-tagging effects. If nothing else that clears up two card slots for you. I like this deck idea, so cheers in getting it off the ground :)

10 Nov 2016 BigDoniel

@Ladriel I did decide to replace Yog.0 with Black Orchestra, mainly since I wasn't to add Aesop somewhere for money in a pinch, and with a Cyberfeeder it makes it and Paperclip cost nothing. Hoping to get some games with it to see what works and what's awful!

@PaxCecilia I get that, was just looking for another Anarch card really! The idea with Data Leak is it might offer a bit more protection from Snare and suchlike since I lack Plascrete Carapace at the moment, and again just really looking at replacing a card I didn't have. All credit to the idea goes to the original author, I merely copied it and made it worse!