Blue Slee

Thike 1193

This is basically my first draft of a Chief Slee deck. I've taken it for a few laps and I'm really liking it. So far the strategy has been pretty flexible, as Blue Sun tends to be:

  • You can quickly get some cash and toss a Slee behind a Hive to light a fire under the runner's cyberass.
  • Alternatively, rush out an agenda there. Scoring one takes your Hives from instantly loading Slee to being the same as the rest of your ICE, which isn't awful.
  • Turtling up in the face of aggression is always an option.

The goal is to threaten kills with a loaded Slee, ideally. 5 counters + Neural EMP, Punitive Counterstrike, or another 5 counters are all pretty deadly. It can make the prospect of running at all very risky. It can also force the runner to deal with Slee immediately, which can open some nice scoring windows.

Notes on a few choices:

  • Errand Boy is a cute include that few people want to break. Can be nice acceleration. Honestly, the sentries are the ICE I'm the least convinced by, but it seems to be working.

  • DNA Tracker is really good.

  • Bulwark has surprised me. While I've long avoided illicit ICE in Blue Sun, the numbers here are so good that it's often worth it. The punishing face-check is often worth the cost of entry. Just be aware that you don't want to be bouncing it around, so place it as if you weren't Blue Sun. (IE: Where you want it to stay.)

  • Scarcity of Resources is mostly there as an Employee Strike counter, with some nice applications against certain match-ups, provided you can play it fast enough. Consulting Visit helps with that.

  • Enforcing Loyalty is a flex tech slot. I've considered Best Defense, Snatch and Grab, Voter Intimidation, and Interns. So far Film Critic has been the biggest annoyance. I'd ideally like any tech to be an operation, but Contract Killer is on my mind for baiting runs, dealing with tech, and landing the kill.

  • The Enforcing and other spare inf could also go towards a Little Engine, more Neural EMPs, or a third GFI. Not sure. An Offer You Can't Refuse or Hellion Beta Test might be cute.

  • Don't you dare suggest Helium-3 Deposit.

10 Nov 2016 Madden

I think, the best synergy for Chief Slee is Chu Chu.

10 Nov 2016 lolpaca

Pop-up Window? Hands down the cheapest way to force them to go get their decoders.

10 Nov 2016 whirrun

Nice list, similar in concept to what I'm running in Gagarin. Slee has been suprisingly stong.

I'm also packing trackers (I thought about Data Ward), but I also have False Lead and the Cleaners to help with kills (and He3, it's actually been ok). I am slightly suprised by the lack of Spiderweb though, it's definitely strong.

Overall I think Slee decks are probably 1 support card away from being properly legit. I would also take contract killer over Enforcing Loyalty.

10 Nov 2016 Thike

@Madden: I agree! Any reasonable response to Little Engine that isn't Spooned is exactly what this decks wants. It's on the short list of influence users.

@lolpaca: I considered it, as well as Pup and Fairchild 1.0. That said, I don't think small gear-checks are the way to spend influence here. I'd rather something a bit more taxing and typical Blue Sun. If I went with a small 1 sub ICE, I'd actually run Excalibur.

@whirrun: Spiderweb is great, but how many barriers do I actually have room for? If I added more, I'd go with that. The Meru Mati could probably be a Spiderweb too.