Brahman Apex

tendermovement 44

A slight iteration on Brahman Apex prototype.

Wasteland + Data Folding with Chopbot and Leprechaun to work your money engine. Endless Hungers and Harbingers for using with Brahman to add to the top of the stack (Install extra Hungers on another Leprechaun). Exclusive Parties for adding more income to plough through an excessively big server. Apocalypse for the time when you want to destroy all of your hard work in building up your rig.

10 Nov 2016 tendermovement

When encountered abilites are handled by Hunting Grounds so don't worry about those.

10 Nov 2016 tendermovement

Might want to slap an E3 in there if you want more cost-effective Hungers. Need to shave that influence off somewhere though.

10 Nov 2016 tendermovement

Oh, and try to keep your MU at 2 so Cortex Lock won't do as much and you can Heartbeat through things like that if you want. Don't do it with the new Jinteki ID necessarily. It'll still shave some cards off the top of your stack, I believe.

10 Nov 2016 DrMarodi

Nice stuff!

I'm not really sold on Exclusive Party here. Two e3 Feedback Implants and two Scheherazade would be so much better. Also you need at least one Mimic because Swordsman could ruin your day.

The Brahman combo is sweet though.

10 Nov 2016 tendermovement

@DrMarodi Swordsman is a threat and you should tech against it if it is prevalent in your meta. It wasn't around here so I didn't tech against it but this is something everyone trying out the deck should consider. Levy might not be necessary either. One could replace that with Mimics, E3s or Sceherezades.

Sceherezade doesn't nullify the MU cost so it would be used to install Harbingers only, but It would be a nice touch because you will be bringing them in again and again with this deck and an install & a credit is always good.

10 Nov 2016 tendermovement

Considering the above, maybe something like this would be good: +3 Scherezade, -6 Exclusive Party, +2 Mimic, +2 E3, -1 Levy.

Scherezades can also be used for Brahman fodder and instaling on each other so that's a pretty good economy engine there as well with Chop Bot and Wastelands and Data Folding.

10 Nov 2016 Sanjay

I'm not sold on Levy for most Apex decks... Apex doesn't churn through the deck fast enough for it to be useful in most matchups.

Of course it's a nice thing to have, but at three influence I find it hard to fit in.

Scheherazade is unique so no installing it on top of each other, but in general I like it as an economy option here.