Expose Yourself to Art

killj0y 59

I've felt really off about Kahn for a while now. Even with her full breaker suite and her console she just doesn't seem to have the power that she needs to get going. But her breaker suite does have some very nifty benefits for another idea i've had since GPI net tap came out. I didn't have a good breaker suite for Silhouette to run a heavy expose/blackguard combo.

With Golden, Peregrine and Saker now I can force ice rezes and then force derez them again.

Adding london Library for cheaper installs and Temujin for more econ.

Run Amok for some ice killing on things that aren't getting rezed and account siphon to keep the corp poor.

I'm missing some multi-access but other than that I'm a lot happier with this build than before. Thoughts?

10 Nov 2016 CactusJack

Nice! I've wanted to get a Sihouette expose deck up and running, might have to test yours.

10 Nov 2016 grueble

Hi! What is the purpose of Tech Trader? I feel like that slot could be used more efficiently (or simply removed). Love the build, will report back with changes after Jnet testing.

10 Nov 2016 HollowsHeart

Why Cache? It's only net 2 credits...

10 Nov 2016 killj0y

@grueble 3x cortez chips, 2x Gorman Drips, 2x crescentus. If you get it out early it's a net 6 credits for stuff that is going to die anyway. Not a perfect use of the slot but I seem to remember it being better prior to pulling some stuff out, may have had another 3x of something before. So yeah not entirely necessary.

@HollowsHeartIt's a personal favorite but I tend towards anarchs with Aesops so that may be why I like it. Also I built a lot of this before Temujin was a possibility and I didn't have room for sure gamble because of a larger breaker suite so Cache was a nice potential burst econ that didn't add to my actual credit total all the time. Again not entirely necessary now but I couldn't think of anything to replace it with .

10 Nov 2016 HollowsHeart
10 Nov 2016 killj0y

@HollowsHeart fair enough, Will see you and raise you Bank Job High-Stakes Job or a 3rd account siphon and 2x HQ Interface? There is definitely some potential there.

10 Nov 2016 HollowsHeart

Ah, I was going for the low entry requirement, no strings attached money that Cache seemed to represent.

High-Stakes Job has potential in a deck that keeps exposing and derezing ice.

16 Nov 2016 shapsation

Is the idea to install the breakers on London Library whenever you want to run?

Ever think of Career Fair over Cache, or at least over the one of Tech Trader? Seems more synergistic with all the high cost resources.

How does this fair against asset spam with all it's ice rezzing dependency to keep the corp low / gain econ and cards?

Looks fun though :D going to try it out, thanks!

20 Dec 2016 heribrand

For asset spam decks I think a fun idea would be Drive By. You'll notice that the expose effect happens before the trash. So if you, say, used drive by on a san san, they would have the pay the rez cost due to blackguard and then you'd trash it. It may be too click intensive though, especially since Silhouette: Stealth Operative can just expose it herself

20 Dec 2016 killj0y

@heribrand There is some potential in drive by, it is a double and that's click intense but it does auto trash which is nice. I think it might be better in a version of this deck that's running Knifed et al. to force rez and then destroy like a Reina headlock or val blackmail/diner combo. Could swap out the satalite uplinks. The double expose isn't as useful late game because generally there won't be a whole lot on the board to expose if you're doing the deck right