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The strongest IDs tend to be the ones giving you an economic advantage. One credit every round for an icebreaker is not bad. Since this credit is a stealth credit, it is basically worth about 3 normal credits, as long as it is used with the appropriate breaker of course. The zero link is easily offset by the small deck size, allowing you to get your breakers asap to utilize the ID ability. But that also means, that we are not able to go overboard with tech cards. So let's focus on the basics, after all we got nothing up our sleeves ...


Corroder - Blackstone is inefficient and Cerberus "Lady" H1 would just eat deckspace and/or support cards. Corroder is just solid in the current meta. If Blue Sun is played in your region or you face a lot of HB lovers, you can think about the other mentioned breakers.
Dagger - Influence free and pretty good. Yes, sentries tend to have quite some subroutines, but it's easy to maintain Dagger without Ghost Runner.
Refractor - The best Decoder in the game. Houdini is a good replacement after the rotation though.

SMC - Best program tutor on the market. Even Kate approves! I feel that two is sufficient though, the third will most likely clog up your hand.
Clot - Slot the Clot ...
Cloak - ... and the Cloaks
Clots and Cloaks for all!
Clone Chip - This is Hardware ... I know. But in the blink of an eye it can be ANY program from your Heap. Simply magical! Just show them Fast Advance players and Rig-Shooters your middle cigarette.


Career Fair - We have some great targets for this card and it helps to keep our real credit count in balance while setting up.
Sure Gamble - It's still 4 for a . Nothing has changed.
Temüjin Contract - Pretty much staple nowadays. With a stealth deck you can even make a profit from running the chosen server every now and then.
Daily Casts - Good Drip Economy. Being another Career Fair target is the reason why I highly prefer it over Dirty Laundry and its compression.
Net Mercur - You want to see this card asap and bank as many credits as you possibly can. This card is broken. Don't forget kids, you can spend them for ANYTHING!
Mirror - Actually I prefer Astrolabe, but 2 for 3 with a decent enough effect is really good in this deck. I'm still on the edge, but the really helps.

Draw Engine

Diesel - Best draw card in the game.
Earthrise Hotel - I prefer going with the clickless draw, but you can certainly play with Patron during an Asset heavy meta. Still on the fence packing the third, two and a half would be great though!
Net Mercur - Versus tag heavy and faster decks you can occasionally draw a card here and there. Stealth credits are worth more than a card, but you just need so many. Balance wisely.

Tech Cards

Paricia - Three copies seems a bit crazy, but if you want to stand at least a chance against CtM and have an easier time against other Asset Spam decks, you better get at least one very, very early. Keep your real credits to clear tags and setup and whatnot. All those Assets make me mad, this helps to ease the pain a bit.
Plascrete Carapace - Slot at least one to go against a single BOOM!. I don't like to lose my game due to "24/7 News Cycle" before it even started, so I go with two.

I also packed some R&D Multi-Access, like a good shaper girl and boy does. I don't like Indexing (esp. without "Freedom Through Equality") in stealth decks, forcing me to be able to get into the stacked R&d twice and due to deck space constraints I had to go with two RDIs. You will most likely see one and that's fair and works out during the game.

Keep on running guys and gals! Hack the corps to sustain your cigarette supply. For still reading this nonsense, I will reward you with my sick paint skills and another picture.

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