Keep It Simple

oasis 90

It's the economy!

This deck is just a simple glacier deck that aims to make runs super taxing and make a lot of money. That's pretty much it. Temujin decks are a bit weak when they have to break to get credits and this doesn't ever play more than 4 servers. It's also pretty bad for them when they break your ice allowing you to rez more ice elsewhere. It's not uncommon for me to have servers that are 5 or more ice deep. And when that happens you can shut down siphon and really drain a runner of credits.

There's still weaknesses though. E3 can be rough, as can yog. NRE + Carver makes your codegates largely ineffective. So this is not a solution for the current anarch rig. But, it does do very well vs all of the other decks. In the Yog scenario, you can troubleshoot Ravana, Batty ichi/ravana or simply ash with more credits. But, those are not full proof tricks and the long game favors anarch. Biotic labor may allow you to close and you may need to rush a food earlier and bate wit campaigns & 3/2's to get to the final window.

Never underestimate the power of a good brain damage. This deck hands out 2-3 brain damage on average per game. And, almost all runner cards that sit in hand are good at this point, so you're not likely to hit flack that won't hurt them at some point.

Heinlin grid is on the edge of payability. Your ice being clickable is a weakness that that card can occasionally help you overcome. Late game it usually makes a central an undesirable enough option that they just don't run there anymore.

Intentionally 49 cards. Always fire ABT unless it's dumb.