Smoking Glove

Neovitalis 13

This deck is designed to build up economy, and use those stealth breakers for efficient runs on central servers for multiple accesses. I'm using demo run and gauntlet and turning wheel to gain momentum by causing the corp to lose their whole hand.

Scrubbers are for keeping the board clear. I really don't like the manipulation that the Corp is capable of with asset heavy decks right now, so I want to scrub them out.

Hard decisions: Stealth Hardware- this is not included because in a 40 card deck it takes too long to set up. The deck sets up much faster without them. Also they cost a considerable amount of influence.

Economy- there's lots of economy and draw in this deck, I'd like to make some cuts to fit in some earthrise, and same old things. I chose the economy cards i did because of the bang they give.

Speed and mulligans: For an opening hand I want to see economy and a SMC. This will allow an early grab for the breaker I need.

With 5 more slots I'd add 2x same old thing; 2x earthrise; and 1x levy.

14 Nov 2016 inniscor

This list is similar to one I built recently. I recommend turning some Demo runs into SoT to pay back influence. Demo run is kind of a late game card anyway.

14 Nov 2016 FarCryFromHuman

2x Levy seems like overkill, one is fine. Ghost Runner so far for me has been completely unnecessary out of Net Mercur Smoke, so that would give you three slots. R&D Interface is good but you have TTW, you make a lot of runs, and it's expensive to install.

With these cuts you have room for 3x Same Old Thing, which really seems like something this deck wants/