arkonnen7 14

14 Nov 2016 wynalazca

Wouldn't it make more sense to drop the Quality Times for Injects and play 3x Retrieval Run since you have pre-paids? Gets your programs installed for super cheap. (I'd drop the tropes for card the card slots), you then have 3 more inf to play with (2nd NRE and a d4v1d?)

-3 Quality Time, -2 Djinn, -2 Trope, -1 Deja Vu, +2 Inject, +3 Retrieval Run, +1 D4v1d, +1 Net-Ready, +1 Memstrips

I also feel like this deck is going to be pretty poor overall, unless you draw into your pre-paids really early, and even then it still probably will be.

15 Nov 2016 arkonnen7

I quite like the Inject - Retrival Run suggestion. But i really need those Tropes, otherwise i end up the deck quite quickly