The Thing That Should Not Be TC 10/14/16

Thornstromb 9

Yes, it's back once more after a long, long sleep: The Thing That Should Bot Be. Incorporating the refit made to the last version (TL 07/28/16), some additional tweaks have been made, but for clarity's sake I'm listing changes off of the ORIGINAL build.

-2 SanSan City Grid : Because the original deck was pre MWL, and this card is the most superfluous to the deck.

+1 Sweeps Week : With all that freed influence, we can grab a bit of economy, and a counter for Account Drains...

+1 Cerebral Static : And our own Current to nuke the runner's. Cerebral is interesting in that it is useful in some way against all but 3 IDs.

-1 Braintrust : Used to make room for the following...

+1 Nisei MK II : An old classic renewed. Sure its 1AP more, but the trick lies in its synergies, which are upcoming.

-1 Grim : easily broken, terrible downside... move aside.

+1 Chetana : More stealthy combos!

-1 Caprice Nisei : Because with 3 Jacksons, 3 copies of a unique asset is excessive, and we replace her with...

+1 Georgia Emelyov : Holy Crap. This chick is a BEAST. She is obviously in a lesbian relationship with Caprice, they are just that good together. The real gem is the stealth flatlines she can enable. Komainu or Chetana, this chick, and Nisei Mk II are an instant win scenario, which happens more often than you would think thanks to the decks extremely rapid pacing that can drive most runners to make costly and even lethal mistakes.

-1 Tsurugi : Old news boyo...

+1 DNA Tracker : Our new high-tax ICE. We didn't need ANOTHER Sentry anyway.

-1 Wall of Static : Making room, move aside...

+1 Wraparound : Turn 1 Faust Go Home.

-1 Snare! : How about some more variety eh?

+1 Shi-Kyu : This puppy is the NIGHTMARE of this deck. It's perfect when placed in the archives to stall any deck that grinds free successful runs. It's oneshot ability, annoying in other decks, is TERRIBLE under this ID, forcing the runner to acquire a 3rd agenda, no questions asked. Or they can keep taking damage ;)