Ladies Night

atomic 290

This is a pretty standard Smoke deck at this point, I think. I do have to insist that Gauntlet is absolutely the correct choice in this deck. The benefits of Mirror do not come close to having a sudo HQ Interface (or two, or three).

The card that I'm on the fence with is Houdini over Refractor. It negates the stacking of code gates on a server (as does Blackstone with barriers) but Refractor has the ability of 1 stealth pump. Right now Switchblade is the only cheap way to boost your Net Mercur during Temüjin/Patron runs. However, the killer is one of the first breakers I lay down so it hasn't really been a problem. So for now, Houdini stays.

P.S. - Needs Cerberus "Lady" H1 for theming reasons but not worth it for the influence hit. :P

19 Nov 2016 dawspawn

Would you cut anything to make room for Misdirection or some other tag avoidance?

19 Nov 2016 atomic

I haven't been watching spoilers so I haven't seen that card before. I previously had Networking but cut it for the influence, so Misdirection could be a good include. Maybe cut the Net-Ready Eyes? It's only really relevant against Eli 1.0 (but when it is relevant then it is VERY relevant, like 3 per interaction, one of those a stealth).

19 Nov 2016 atomic

@dawspawn I also just noticed that Misdirection has a lady on it, so it would fit the theme nicely too. Thanks!

Now to find lady replacements for Employee Strike and Temüjin Contract...