World Skin Val

Nathan 0 32

I removed a Yog.0 and Progenitor in exchange for Wyrm and Rebirth (probably into Whizzard) and then added a third Datasucker, a second Liberated Accounts and 3x Same Old Thing (because I'm a wuss). Less streamlined than the source build, but I've got a little more padding in case I hit a bunch of Jinteki today.

I thought of doing a second Plascrete instead of the third Datasucker, but in (very limited!) testing I found that Datasucker to be a more important must-find. I also thought about doing a second Earthrise Hotel instead of the second Liberated Accounts, but I think credits will be at more of a premium than quick draw.

21 Nov 2016 GrittyWIllis

Wyrm is the worst thing ever made only challenged by Pipeline..... You plan on being tagged a lot? Obelus is expensive and doesn't give you the MU you actually want, Djinn or Mem Strips might be better. with temujin, sure gamble, daily casts,and dirty laundry - you don't need 2 more liberated accounts! cut those or cut daily casts and throw in blackmail, replace Wyrm with anything! add those Djinns, or mem strips...and cut the obelus for a better cheaper console or no console....

You don't need Earthrise with the I've had worse, Inject, and street peddler helping your draw, just use same old, and deja vu to help recoup those that get trashed....