One way trip to Smoke's Ruse Shop

saetzero 2288

How to ruse your meta for 1 tournament and 1 tournament exactly.

(This is very hyperbolic, I think the deck has more play than it looks. But man the first few games you play, Ruse. Master. Central.)

1: Play this deck. Just say you wanna try smoke. Don't give the particulars.

2: Mulligan for ProCo. Thats it. Do it.

3: You may use 1, and ONLY 1, Hyperdriver to set up faster. You need the other two.

4: Install or toss things as you like. You don't wanna throw away much if you can avoid it.


Draw less and play more cards if you have to. DO NOT SHOW THAT CARD TO THEM AT ALL.

5: Almost never run remotes. You can not fight HHN. You need to keep your NACH to not die to 24/7. You wanna hit "The Turn" as fast as you can. If your opponent is wise to your bullshit, then yea, keep em a 'little' honest. You are winning from FTM. Not points.

6: Just get to "The Turn" as fast as you can. You will need...

3x Same Old Thing 2x Hyperdriver, both on a Leperchaun. Your other breakers installed, or in the heap with a CC ready. 5x Fear the Masses A Net Mercur on board, and your Ghost Runners.

7: Ruse em.

Burn both hypers. 10 click turn, 11 if you get Beth (Which if you aren't making them rez ice, you probably do).

1: FTM from hand. Show 4 more. 2/3: SOT FTM. Show 4. (milled 10 so far) 4/5: SOT FTM (15) 6/7: SOT FTM (20) 8: FTM from hand. Show 3. (24) 9: FTM from hand. Show 2. (27) Check archives if you want. Mill two more if you want. Use this 10th click to run a Jackson on click one instead if you want. Use this free click on Click one to check HQ upgrades for Crisium grid.

This isn't a perfect deck. It has bad matchups. I dont care. Went to a store champ. 3-2 on the day with this. 3 Mill wins. 2 Losses cuz I played normal netrunner and got HHN'd or tagged in other ways.

Just ruse em.

21 Nov 2016 Sanjay

I love this. I love you. Even though this is tied for the most undesereved inclusion of "Shop" in a deck title.

22 Nov 2016 Fall Guy

Did you consider Bookmark to store your FTMs for the turn required? Not sure what you would drop right enough.

22 Nov 2016 saetzero

Old version had Bookmark and Rumor mill, but I wanted deck slots back so I cut it. Bookmark is a value card, but has 3 problems

1: Deck slots

2: Potentially telegraphs your play

3: Best Defense

23 Nov 2016 podoboyz99

Respect. You hang some serious onions bringing this to a tournament.

23 Nov 2016 saetzero

@podoboyz99Lol, the CI deck i brought along side it took more onions to play honestly. I knew this would work a bit since the Kate version I did way back when did.

But you know me. Always being a goof. XD