Gated Garden

Kelfecil 1786

Yes, another Nisei "Garden" deck!

Encrypted Portals - This is the current "theme" of the deck, since it allows for both early pressure as well as a good turnout end-game. Early game it bumps your code gates from there on and late game it just gives a good money swing when least expected (plus a point of course). Not many people expect a 3-advancement agenda in a deck like this, so it works quite well, especially with the asset spam too.

Asset Spam - Economy runs well, even against Whizzard. Whizzard can't really keep up for long enough before you are able to rez everything and tax them on both centrals and economy assets. Time AND money is something they can't have at the same time. At the same time, a well educated Whizzard will be able to spend his/her turns wisely and get past it in the long run, so be careful. A well rezzed Sundew behind a decent piece of ICE though will provide a good support for the rest of the game.

x2 Shock! - Because having some Archives protection allows for dropping TFPs and playing dem Psi Games now and then. Protecting Archives is also important though, because some don't care about the net damage. Still taxing though. Makes people think you play more damage too.

x2 Crisium Grid - Best card imho in the game at the moment. Cancels out so much stuff.

x3 Caprice - Caprice never stops being a good upgrade, even with Rumor Mill. You might lose an agenda, but they'll have to pay for it. You can count on them thinking they can counter Caprice and have a Tollbooth plus some other stuff on the remote for when they come for it. Good for early scoring too.

Agenda Suite - Just works out like it always has. The good old RP suite is hard to beat, especially in Nisei where the TFPs have to be played again and again.

Hyoubu - It's 4 to trash and it gives you a huge advantage in certain occasions. Just like the Nisei ability, it is important to have in critical situations.

x1 Cyberdex - It was x2, but I am not sure about it. I switch it out from time to time, going from 1 to 2 and back.

x2 Enhanced Login Protocol - Be RP, without being RP. (deep)

ICE Suite - Komainu, because it's always good. Lotus Field, because it's hard ETR and does not die (unless it gets spooned). Couple DNA Trackers because you have the money for it. The rest is all super cheap. So the thing is, if you feel you do not have enough money with this deck, then you just remove a DNA Tracker/Komainu/Lotus Field and you add more Crick.

Extra Influence - Haven't decided what to do with it. Definitely not another Jackson. Could be another Crisium, or a TMI since, if rezzed at the right time can have a very big effect and provide good tax.

Opinions and comments always welcome!

22 Nov 2016 IonFox

I see a Kelf Garden deck, I press like.

On a more serious note,what do you think of the new unique asset in Intervention that does 1 meat whenever you win a psi game? Does she get a spot in the garden too?

22 Nov 2016 Kelfecil

@IonFoxThank you for your support! I figured, even when I do not play some big tournament, I should keep bringing these out, cuz a couple people asked for those.

I do indeed have a "Fumiko Garden" in the works, so as soon as I have a solid build, I'll bring it out! I definitely need a lot more testing done for it since I do not really know if it's a good enough build yet (competitive enough). I definitely love the idea of Crick-Batty-Fumiko, which is the main combo the deck would be running, but other than that, I need to see what other things it can be paired up with.

22 Nov 2016 josh01

how many nationals has this deck won so far

22 Nov 2016 Kelfecil

At least 10! :O @josh01 (Read the above comment. :P)

22 Nov 2016 Eji1700

I feel like mother goddess for a hard ETR off upayoga is difficult to pass up.

23 Nov 2016 Everfree616

Thank you for keeping the Nisei dream alive. I look forward to playing this as well as the Fumiko Garden when it comes out.

24 Nov 2016 saracenus

@Kelfecilhave you considered Voter Intimidation. With Net Mercur and Security Nexus out there, it seems like a decent include.

24 Nov 2016 Kelfecil

@Everfree616I have to say that I am beyond happy by seeing the amount of people that are trying out Nisei Division right now. It's awesome to see so many differents ideas too!

@saracenusVoter Intimidation is by far one of the best Nisei cards out there. You are indeed correct that it is a great inclusion with the current meta, even against Temujin it does so much work. Thing is slots are always tight. I would remove an Aiki, Hyoubu or a Lotus Field for it.

11 Dec 2016 mustangstorm224

Thank you @kelfecil for an awesome list! I ran a version of it (-2 Komainu, -2 DNA Tracker, +2 Chetana, +1 Underway Grid, +1 Voter Intimidation) to a 3-0 record at my local store championship.

23 Dec 2016 zengoshugoju

Taking a break from getting stomped on Jnet, enjoying this deck. One of the few times I've not felt dirty netdecking lol. Thanks for the fun factor.

3 Apr 2017 dlai817

Why 54 cards instead of 49?