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This is the first deck I have published, so please be patient :)

This is a concept that I have been experimenting with for about a year, and this deck represents its current state of evolution. Generally speaking, this is a rush deck, however it operates a little slower in favor of offering mid to late game solutions.


The deck does not run any unique assets or upgrades except Jackson, so it is essentially immune to Rumor Mill. It runs only 15 ice to save the splash on Mumba Temple, so it is a bit porous early. First, opposing runners are divided into two categories: wizzard and anyone potentially running Scrubber, and all other runners. In the former case, more emphasis is placed on building a glacier with a scoring remote with two gear checks (Quandary and Vanilla for example), forcing the runner to build a rig to slow the rush. In the latter case, assets are spammed out wide while placing less emphasis on building a multi-gear check remote. If the assets stick, rezzing all ice in the deck is not a problem. If the opponent pays to clear the assets, they will be slow to build, allowing for a rush. In short, its important to assess which economy is most scarce for the runner: clicks or credits. Exploit their weakness while building the glacier.

The glacier build is assisted by Advanced Assembly Lines and Lateral Growth. Install and rez assembly lines, firing it on the beginning of the opponent's turn to glacier build, utilizing ETF's lucrative ability. The most important asset to stick is Team Sponsorship. I generally facilitate this by baiting the runner to burn click / money trashing Brain-Taping Warehouse and Mumba Temple. Ideally, agendas are scored (including Domestic Sleepers) when at least one Team Sponsorship has stuck, allowing one to reinstall assembly lines and then pop on the opponent's next turn and continue the glacier assembly.

Lastly, Amazon Industrial Zone allows for a combo-esk option of glacier building during mid to late game. Install in a target server. Then, once assembly lines are installed and rezzed, rez Amazon Industrial Zone (aided with temple(s), ideally), and end turn. Then, pop the assembly lines at start of opponent's turn and install ice from hand in the target server. This will allow for immediate rez for -3 for Amazon and -4 for each Brain-Taping rezzed. Since all ice is 8 rez cost or less, glacier building is more or less a function of installation cost. This offers late game server depth to score the last agenda(s).

Additional notes:

Assembly lines and team sponsorship are the most important components of the deck. The runner will likely be keen to this, but if they focus too hard on stopping their use, they will be drained of click and/or money. If they don't pick up on this, well you're already ahead.


Beta tests are run over Vitruvius to fire and protect against blacklist, using Jackson and team sponsorship protection. Domestic Sleepers works well to reinstall assembly lines while offering the last agenda point when two foods are scored, which actually happens somewhat often. An early scored Corporate Sales Team provides such an enormous boost for this deck (it typically runs on less than 10 credits) that I preferentially score them early, even at risk. Chronos Project eliminating a paperclip is pretty much GG in most situations.

Please let me know what y'all think. Suggestions greatly welcomed and encouraged. Thank you.

23 Nov 2016 zengoshugoju

Nice workaround on the Amazons, I'm stealing that!

23 Nov 2016 Krams

With Amazon Industrial Zone to get 3 discount on ICE rezzed on your main remote, plus the 2 from Mumba Temple to rez cards (including ICE), plus a stable economy, I really think you'd be able to afford more expensive gear checks, such as Wall of Static instead of Vanilla and Enigma instead of Quandary. That way, your ICE would scale much better into late game. Usually, it's 2 to break instead of 1 and that doesn't sound much, but it adds up, especially if you're using Amazon to stack ICE into a thick layer.

23 Nov 2016 ks26628

Krams, yes I agree. I certainly could afford more expensive ice. The reason that I chose inexpensive gear checks is that I tend not to install Amazon until later in the game when I need to build a massive server to score out the last agenda (or protect RnD from lock). Also, with only 2X in the deck, I do not often see one early. Nevertheless experimenting with more expensive ice is certainly in order. Thank you.