Digital Mephisto

Narduwel 255

I based this deck off the one they have in the article about Reaver. Earthrise Hotel is in this list as a placeholder for Reaver. I have tested it a few times and although I have only won two of the four games I played with it, I do feel that I held out pretty well. Of the four games I played with this deck, I played twice against an Architects of tomorrow (the two wins), once against a tag heavy SYNC deck (I managed to remove pretty much all the tags nearly for free), and a Weyland1 kill deck. Reaver has definitely pulled its weight. I have used chop-bot to draw 3 cards, gain two credits, remove a tag and still be able to use Apex's ability. I was able to pull of apocalypse hits in three of the four games I played (one game I managed it twice). With "Out of the Ashes" I have fired Apocolypse and managed to remove tags that would have gotten me killed on the corp turn. Initially, I used Infiltration instead of Injection Attack, but I talked it out with a friend of mine and came to the conclusion that Injection Attack might work better with Faust. I am considering dropping Networking for Top Hat so I can hit R&D multiple times and not be stuck with an operation or piece of ICE on the top of the deck.