AoT is A-OK!

internet_potato 951

Old school never advance glacier.

Lateral Growth and Advanced Assembly Lines build your servers and keep you chugging along. Surat City Grid and Brain-Taping Warehouse extend the ID triggers.

27 Nov 2016 Xanshi

@internet_potato Glad you're having fun with my build. One question, why did you remove Ash 2X3ZB9CY?

27 Nov 2016 internet_potato

@Xanshi it's a blast, I published this because somebody asked for it on reddit. I took out ash for three reasons: 1. I found that I spend most of the game at low credit totals 2. A lot of runners have high link to deal with ctm 3. Rumor Mill is seeing a lot of play.

I'm still feeling things out, there's a lot of good debate on the stimhack forums about how to play the ID. My main issue is still getting the timing right so that I have the agendas to score when I can open a window, though I feel pretty good about the econ now.