The Stealth Siphon

AppleBerry 291

Originally built as a knee-jerk reaction to all the Tags around, i found my self really enjoying the ID and what it gives you.

Which by the way is removing a lot of the fear, I found my self running last click more often, being a bit more aggressive earlier in the game. Face planting a Snare! now only hurts you face the Corp doesn't know where you went after.

The core idea was to make Account Siphon cost effective and that meant using all the fun new stealth cards, which are of course fun. Then Temüjin Contract turned up which is just great for Runners running and Armitage Codebusting for those turns when you don't want to be Runner that runs.

Had a lot of fun playing this deck like a reckless fool, to the point I had to relearn being careful and taking my time.

I hope you also enjoy crashing, burning, Levy AR Lab Access and then do it all over again.

30 Nov 2016 dawspawn

Has one Net Mercur been enough? I would probably cut something to have at least another one. Also did you find Dai V to be useful? I would say Atman might have more general utility.

30 Nov 2016 AppleBerry

Net Mercur is something I found that I didn't want to see to early in the game, rather having Ghost Runner or Professional Contacts down in similar roles.

I tried using Atman in this deck for a good while but it didn't work as well as a back up plan if anything got removed through Ark Lockdown, also Dai V, Dagger with the set of stealth support down can be really effective

30 Nov 2016 magikot

I've been on this deck since Jes was released. I haven't updated over the last 2 packs, but below is a link to my latest version. This core is my favorite way of playing Jes. As to your deck. I don't think Dai V is worth the deck slot or needing armitage. With Temujin and Siphons you can make a lot of cash which is bolstered by the ProCos.

30 Nov 2016 Krams

I really like the deck idea. I'm gonna throw some Diesel at it and test it a bit :D

30 Nov 2016 Krams

After some testing I like he deck even more ^^

The draw is a bit awkward. Professional Contacts is awesome when you have it, but you can't tutor it and it's a 2-of. Installing it is a big tempo hit, especially if you can't get an early Siphon and all servers are defended against Temüjin. But not having it, is, well... A lot of clicking for cards. More than I'd like, tbh.

That point aside, the deck seems to run pretty well :)

1 Dec 2016 AppleBerry

@Krams thanks for the kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed the deck

@magikot Your deck was very influential in the starting of this deck, to the point I should mentioned it the deck description. As for the Armitage Codebusting, it is very useful when recovering from a Hard-Hitting News and I just like Dai V