DLR Sunny Acelerated Set Up

Murse 95

Potential changes: -1 Beth -1 Sports hopper, +1 Vamp +1 Carrier Fair -1 Carrier Fair, +1 Security Nexus

6 Dec 2016 NetrunningAmok

Keep Beth, absolutely worth 3 inf.

I might actually consider dropping the Data Folding instead of the Sports Hopper, but I agree 3x Security Nexus is the way to go.

I'm still not sure how much Career Fair is doing for you. Maybe a Lucky Find would fill up the last 2 inf better. Then you could keep the DF and the hopper.

6 Dec 2016 NetrunningAmok

What do you think of dropping your breakers for 3x Overmind? That would free up room for more setup cards and early econ. I feel like you rarely need to break subs with this deck anyways... You could even add a 1 of Crypsis if you want a little extra security.

I also think you could probably drop to 1 Film Critic and go to 3 New Angeles City Hall. This would get your protection against Breaking News and the like faster, and worst case if you need to steal an agenda you can just install another copy after.

All of that would free up 2-3 slots and an influence. Not sure what you slot though. The Supplier could be cool as a one of. Would make 3x Sports Hopper really good too.

6 Dec 2016 Murse

I don't think the over miND would be that reliable. Sunny's breakers give more inevitability. I'm thinking of dropping keeping the data folding. I need to get the drip rolling asap and the 50 card deck hurts that. The change I am considering is dropping the career fairs for lucky find and another day another paycheck (for scarcity of resources and other problem currents). Honestly, I still feel that the career fairs might be better anti-scarcity tech. They are really nice to habe for click compression with how often my turn is spent clicking to draw.