Silver Bullet Revolver Undefeated at Reading Jankmas!

MrEhjiwurth 1577

Before all those that know me boo me off the stage saying "You play this deck in competitive!" let me say that its still jank. Its just jank I'm proficient in and I believe can see competitive play. The concept of the deck is like a revolver. You have precise shots for anything but if all else fails you can fan the hammer and deal some damage in one burst.

Deck Breakdown Economy: Professor is hard to adapt economy wise. The most common options are either aesops, personal worshop or magnum. I chose Magnum because its reliable, great for asset spam and tag decks, and is good at giving you consistent cash flow. The downside is its too predictable. The corp can calculate how much you can have if thats all you have. Thats why I have Freelance Coding Contract.

Draw like a Madman: You have 3 Diesel, 3 Quality Time and 2 Levy. This deck is made to be cycled through so your cards are expendable. Install Faust early and pressure without having to setup and sell your other programs with freelance for burst money. Then you can Levy whilst getting pieces you need and rinse and repeat. Don't be afraid of throwing stuff in your heap. You have Test Run and Scavenge by your side so recycling is encouraged.

Programs, Programs, Programs!: These are your bullets. Except imagine your bullets can only hit certain targets. Learning when to shoot your bullets is critical in executing good plays. Maybe you should keep your Sneakdoor in hand and suprise them with a Nerve Agent, Sneakdoor Combo. Like I said you have a lot of recursion to bleed through your programs with no fear.

See you all Next Jankmas...or for this deck at the next SC

5 Dec 2016 lominosity

Being an avid prof player myself, I have been looking for other prof lists since Best Defense came out and killed the gamble for days engine as showcased in the 'Professor won a store champ!' list. I am probably going to try out this version with my personal tweaks and probably share my results. Great deck and have fun netrunning!

12 Dec 2016 mohaymen

Dont clone chip, lady, faust..etc count as influence?

12 Dec 2016 MrEhjiwurth

According to the FAQ your influence can never go below 0 and these cards reduce your maximum influence so Prof can have them at no penalty.

14 Dec 2016 willsta

*Below 1