Stupid Bird Deck Kit - 2nd at Philly SC

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saetzero 1952

First things first.

I did not test this deck even a single game before the Store Champ I brought it to. That being said...


I am really dumb for that one.

Moving on. <3

This is my stupid Kit bird deck. Soak it in. Let it envelop you.

a gif

That's the reaction I'm looking for.

Test run the Peregrine to find it, break and derez something. Then after that you install off London Library, and return to hand either with a click from London or by derezzing something.

Cook the chameleons on the PW so you can break more than 1 ice a turn (besides stupid Wraparound lol. Seriously, add the fucking Inti.). Also add all the hardware on PW. Stimhack them off. Make tons of bucks with Temujin.

Tinkering to spot derez an annoying ice. Hello Archer (got two of them that day)

I think the list kinda plays itself. Make money, protect it with NACH, make smart shaper runs. Temujin is ridiculous.

On the day it played vs...

GRNDL - Win CTM FOUR FUCKING TIMES - 3 Wins, 1 Loss CI 7 point combo - 1 Loss

Good enough for second place. My corp was also a little weird and 100% untested too. I'll take the result every day of the week.

Side note: People are trying to call this Balut Kit. Google it. I am not fucking endorsing that. Nope. :P

5 Dec 2016 Sanjay

Hey, it's your deck. If you want to call it Stupid Bird Deck Kit that's what I'll call it.

This is beautiful and I am so happy you/it did well.

5 Dec 2016 akalic

Of all things, it is stupid.

5 Dec 2016 overlord midas

But it's gloriously stupid.

5 Dec 2016 Snake Eyes

Stoopid Birbs.

6 Dec 2016 nutritionalzero

I think it's evidence enough how warped the current meta is that even this bizarre deck has 3x Temujin.

6 Dec 2016 NetrunningAmok

I have been running a similar deck that I call "Falcon Wing kit" :P Fun stuff though

6 Dec 2016 NetrunningAmok

As a side note, how did 3 New Angeles City Hall and no Film Critic work for you? Would you consider dropping 1 to make a slot for FC?

6 Dec 2016 IonFox

Birb is the word. Love this.

7 Dec 2016 saetzero

@Gilgamesh_KoH I rather have a copy of NACH when I need it, and know I gotta replace it when I take points, than a FC in hand that doesnt protect me just so I can keep the NACH. If you play tight you shouldnt install NACH before you get a couple points anyway. Then you just need the next NACH in hand before you steal points. Its not as hard to play like that as it sounds :D

7 Dec 2016 Kysra

Balut kit is a great, clever name, and you know it. ;)

7 Dec 2016 el-zilcho

@Kysra It's not. It's just gross.

7 Dec 2016 saetzero

@Kwyjibonot my thing or yours, but it is cultural. We can just agree that it isnt something for us. :D

11 Dec 2016 osclate

Congrats on second place! I was kicking myself all day for losing to a Kit deck round one, I'm glad to hear I wasn't the only one! Neat list.

12 Dec 2016 EnderA

The real downsides to running w/o Film Critic when you're running 3 NACH anyways aren't so much losing NACH (you've got replacements), but the utility you would gain from stealing Future Perfects/Midseasons, not having to post-steal install (saving a click for it,) and not needing to draw more cards. If those aren't a problem (which in this deck and meta they don't seem to be,) then no need for FC.

12 Dec 2016 saetzero

@EnderAI havent seen a midseason hit the board in in at least 6 months. jnet or in person. the TFP point is valid, but I aint worried about Jinteki... im worried about dumbo Breaking News plays like Exchange and exploding my credit pile.

So yea, meta call as you pointed out.... no need to FC here. needing a NACH on the board when I got over 10 bucks to avoid sansan > breaking news is more important.

12 Dec 2016 haywire

Damn! Why did this have to become Deck of the Week? I saw it before that, tried it and decided to play it at a Jank-Tournament this Saturday. But now everybody will think I just copied the Deck of the Week. T_T

Aside from this Being-a-Hipster-Prevetion, the Deck is superfun, a total surprise most of the time and totally bonkers. XD

12 Dec 2016 saetzero

@haywire sorry man! the people like it, and i like that the people like it!

hope you kill it at your tournament!

12 Dec 2016 haywire

It's cool, Dude. :-)

At least I liked it before it was cool XD

My Changes: - 1 London Library -2 New Angeles City Hall +1 Astrolabe +1 Film Critic +1 Inti

Guess I don't like Buildings that much ;)

12 Dec 2016 saetzero

@haywire Breaking News will light you up at the wrong time if you dont have NACH to protect it. Either Exchange with sync so you struggle to clear tags, or a closed/boom/all seeing eye

If you meta lacks NBN, then its fine, but holy hell I wouldnt bring less than 2 NACH to any tournament ever right now.... been like that for a while, and i dont see it changing anytime soon.

13 Dec 2016 Manjusri

Dude... your deck basically brought me back into Netrunner because I want to go back to my local shop just to frustrate corp players. I hate the time commitment so I may just forfeit corp games to keep playing this, lol.

This is what I mutated your deck into. I dubbed it Bird Flu.

13 Dec 2016 saetzero

@Manjusri Im glad you like it man! :D

14 Dec 2016 jmbostwick

Wouldn't it need Eater to be Balut Kit?

14 Dec 2016 Ebrey

Without Clone Chips, don't you just lose when Stimhack hits the Peregrine that's just returned to your hand? I'm confused how that wasn't an issue on the day.

14 Dec 2016 Ebrey

Oh nevermind, I didn't realize that test run can install from heap.

14 Dec 2016 saetzero

@jmbostwickhaha! good point! ill remind everyone about that! maybe a peregrine eater and cutlery deck xD

@Ebrey yea test run, but really I was using stimhack to get stuff off PW. not to fuel a free derez. i avoided it when i could if the stimhack could hit peregrine unless i had the test run in my hand right then and there.

16 Dec 2016 daytodave

You know what would be funny? Ice Analyzer.

18 Dec 2016 saetzero

@daytodavepossibly, but card slots :'(