Falcon Trainer Kit

NetrunningAmok 278

I haven't gotten the chance to play this in a store champ yet, but I have been having a lot of fun with it. I was going to wait to post this until after I gave it a spin in an official event, but since @saetzero beat me to it, I figured I would share my slightly different take on the same core concept.

If you haven't seen it yet, check out his deck here and congratulate him on his awesome performance with it.


So, this deck has the same core idea as @saetzero's. My ever loved Kit turns the first ice we encounter into a code gate. This means that our falcon friend can derez it for us.

Unfortunately, any crim who has tried to use the bird breakers knows that they are ridiculously expensive to install (especially more than once) and not very efficient either. That is where the Falcon Nest and training bells come in. Who knew our favorite cyborg was good with animals?

Card Choices

Rather than going Stim-shop and fully embracing the jank with a Chameleon suite, I went the more standard route.

The full stealth suite:

Since your falcon returns to its nest after derezing the first ice, it is important to have a static breaker suite you can use to continue the run or make additional runs. In many games you will not need them all, but there are definitely times that you will be very happy you have them.

Net Mercur:

I heard this was good in stealth decks. Seriously though, with this and Kit's ability, you can get away without even running cloaks. Also early game using it to draw dramatically helps your setup time.

Falcon's mark:

Let's you derez key ice when there is other ice in front. Usually this is only necessary if they throw a <insert cheap ice> in front of an Archer or something dumb.

Clone Chip:

Used for clot lock and recovering from program trashing. Sometimes those mean Jinteki will come and rip your precious falcon out of your arms.

Temüjin Contract and Beth Kilrain-Chang:

Broken good

Meta Calls / Flex Spots


If you don't see much fast advance, absolutely make this into the 3rd Temüjin Contract.

Kati Jones:

Helpful in those long drawn out matchups, or on those turns in between R&D Interface runs when you are clot locking and don't need to run. Could be anything really.

NACH and Film Critic:

Yellow is everywhere and your resources are valuable. FC also helps in other matchups. If you play in a more pleasant meta feel free to swap.

Employee Strike would be nice to squeeze in to help with CtM and RP if you see it.

6 Dec 2016 g00ru-lives

Nice write-up and cool list. I am definitely going to try it out!

6 Dec 2016 dawspawn

This definitely looks fun. The other list had Personal Workshop, I think, which probably helps with the interfaces/Blackstone/Clot, etc. Did you ever miss that?

6 Dec 2016 NetrunningAmok

It might be nice if you can squeeze it in, but I have been doing fine without it. Money usually isn't a huge issue unless you are keeping up with asset trashing. In a lot of games I don't even bother installing Blackstone. Clot can be threatened pretty easily with just Clone Chip and SMC.

6 Dec 2016 Murse

London Library. Yup.

7 Dec 2016 saetzero

@Gilgamesh_KoH very interesting to see your take on it. stealth kit just never sat with me, but I agree Net Mercur is bonkers. If you take it to a SC, I hope you do well :3

Im a big Chameleon player (you can see all the variants of my Chameleon Kate I played since july 2015 in my publish list lol) so I leaned towards my comfort. I hope this works just as well as mine did. I think this had a lot more setup (since 1 chameleon lets me thru most 2 ice servers, then 2 chameleon lets me thru almost anything). And the LLDS bonus helps the Library flashing of the bird while doubling use on Chameleons.

Seems to just be a difference on what part of the list we went to synergize with. I synergized better with how the breakers get installed, and you synergized with how they keep running once on the board.