Surprise Mother ******!

Pinkwarrior 2337

Had some fun with this it's built on the runner not knowing what your really upto.

Clone Retirement Shuts down Val decks without the bad pub they can't blackmail which should leave you fairly safe from En Passaunt as well.

Encrypted Portals allows you to turn your Crick & Aiki's back on from Yog.0

Shock! to shut down Temujin contract & Hokusai Grid in case of ST/Patron it's also just a pretty good upgrade anyway.

Hard-Hitting News to surprize the runner with tags it'll be hard to avoid if their having to run through your ICE.

Trick of Light to make use out of the counters you will eventually get.

Bad Times can turn your Cortex Lock back on and ruin a runners rig in the process.

8 Dec 2016 tzeentchling


8 Dec 2016 Sanjay

Thank you for making every Tennin deck better by making the runner fear Hard-Hitting News whether or not you have it.