Worst of Three Worlds 10.1

OneFabric 98

The main agenda of this deck is to gain as many s as possible, and then meat the runner. If this does not work, then the plan is to keep scoring agendas until victory or BOOM! the runner.

Private Security Force will achieve this, with the manipulation from Efficiency Committee.

Endless ( Triggering + Recursion )

With 24/7 News Cycle triggering Efficiency Committee, which could have already been triggered by Bifrost Array, it is possible for Efficiency Committee to gain quite a bit of counters. These counters can go toward BOOM! + Archived Memories, or Biotic Labor + Private Security Force ( or a mixture of both). They can also go toward purging.

Archived Memories & Clone Suffrage Movement ensure quite a bit of recursion.


The ICE choices are mainly barriers as I want the runner out, for as long as possible, no matter what.


The only way to tag the runner if they are not tagged by their own choice is through SEA Source. In a normal turn without extra clicks, notice that BOOM! will not work as it is a and SEA Source will also take up a click...of course, unless you have Biotic Labor to get another .


Suggestions and advice are very welcome. I have a hard time winning with this deck, and I don't know if it is because of my piloting of it or the deck structure.

9 Dec 2016 Shieldwall

SEA Source Source is a bad way to tag the Runner for a BOOM!. Better use Midseason Replacements for this, considering you have a Bifrost Array you can safely feed the Runner with. Also, tagging via traces usually requires you to have considerably more money than the Runner and I don't see a strong economy here. Maybe a couple of Sexbots will help your situation. Or, if you are already going crazy clicking, you can use GRNDL Refinery and Dedication Ceremony for a ridiculous wombo-combo money gain. For example, you blow up Efficiency Committee for 3 additional clicks, install a Refinery, rez it, Dedication Ceremony it twice, advance, advance, click to trash it will net you 30 credits! (of course, it's a dream scenario and it's not going to happen, but one can always dream). TBH, with Custom Biotics: Engineered for Success I'd better import a standard Sea+Scorch toolkit and then threw in all the money HB possesses. Or, you know, played NEH or Weyland.

9 Dec 2016 FarCryFromHuman

Prisec and Zealous Judge is another possibility, and doesn't require you to have more money than the runner.

All barriers is typically a bad plan, and some of your barriers aren't great choices for this deck. Hive is 6 of your influence and gets useless fast. Wall of Static is, well its Wall of Static. There are better choices.

I'd look at some cheap but annoying sentries like Cobra; just because it doesn't say "end the run" doesn't mean it won't keep the runner out.

9 Dec 2016 OneFabric

@Shieldwall, @FarCryFromHuman ,
Thanks a lot for the suggestions, they are really good. After I digest them I will get back here with a more detailed comment.


10 Dec 2016 OneFabric


  1. Perhaps SEA Source and Zealous Judge will be a better combination?

    a. Regarding the money needed for the SEA Source trace, won't Archived Memories + Clone Suffrage Movement be enough with the Hedge Fund + Restructure I have?

  2. Regarding GRNDL Refinery, I would need the clicks to meat the runner, so I don't know / think if it is a good idea to spend it gaining money.

Thanks again,

10 Dec 2016 OneFabric

1. I agree with you about the ICE.
2. How about Data Raven, Cobra & Fire Wall?

10 Dec 2016 FarCryFromHuman

I wouldn't bother with Fire Wall, it isn't worth the influence when you have perfectly good barriers in faction or neutral. The other two seem solid. Hunter might even pull some weight, although a lot of runners are linked up these days.

10 Dec 2016 Shieldwall

@OneFabric, I honestly wouldn't bother with the Judge and just run Midseasons, considering the fact that you have a ridiculous amount of recursion. Although, it might not be enough to feed your economy. That's why I recommend getting some reasonable assets or double up on the operations. Blue and Green clearances would help dig out the damage and tags, while also giving you money. Maybe throw in a Violet one, while you are at it. Hedge > Restructure, because you can play it much more consistently, so 3 Hedge and 2 Restructures will be better.

Wraparounds don't seem to do much, considering the fact that you have a ton of barriers, so I'd probably swap out two of those (leave one for an AI hate). Since you are playing a money game (because every meat deck does), you don't need to keep the Runner out at all costs, but rather tax him heavily, wherever he chooses to go. Therefore, I'd probably use more Bioroids. Fairchild #1, 2, 3 and maybe even 4 might do the trick. Once again, you don't need to stop the Runner completely, that's just not going to happen (excluding some rare cases). You need to make each run as taxing as possible, so the Runner can't run all day every day and waste a ton of money to deal with your ICE. The less money he possesses, the more tags you can pile on with Midseasons.

Elis can probably be swapped out for something decent to save you the inf. Walls of Static probably shouldn't be used ever. Cobra is nice, Draaaaaven is great. Even one copy of Rototurret might come in handy.

10 Dec 2016 OneFabric

@Shieldwall, @FarCryFromHuman,
Thank you both so much :D

I am running an iteration of the deck based on the last wave of edits / suggestions. Once I finalize that out, I will look at the next set and get back to the both of you.

A few notes:
1. Won't be keeping Fire Wall and Wraparound.
2. I am leaning towards increasing the number of operations. Those clearances sound really good.
3. Even @ 3 influence, aren't the Eli 1.0's kind of worth it though?

One question. @Shieldwall mentions that I don't need to stop the runner completely. From a strategy / tactics POV I am not sure I understand this. Isn't keeping the runner out important to score agendas in remotes?

10 Dec 2016 FarCryFromHuman

There's a misconception about Netrunner and the nature of the relationship between the corp and the runner. The corp's job isn't too keep the runner out of servers; it's to score agendas or kill the runner. Oftentimes scoring agendas doesn't happen because the corp keeps the runner out, or even because of ice at all. In your case, you are trying to create a server taxing enough that the runner cannot afford repeated runs. The runner's economic inability to gain access creates what's known as a scoring window, in which you can score an agenda with relative safety.

TL;DR: The runner will always get accesses. That's how the game works. You should be trying to create scoring windows with taxing ice, and hard ETR ice typically isn't that taxing for its cost.

10 Dec 2016 OneFabric


I see the truth now.

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On a more serious note, thank you for alerting me to employing that misconception. :)

10 Dec 2016 Shieldwall

@OneFabric, Eli is really cool and all, but considering that you actually want to flatline with meat out of HB, you need every ounce of inf to import all the meat damage suite. Thing is, to meat the Runner, you need to tag and to do meat damage. The best tags come from NBN and the best meat is in possession of Weyland, so it's no surprize, that people usually do butchering in those two factions. HB is good for a lot of things, but meat damage is not one of them. HB can get a lot of clicks to fast advance and do whatever; HB can tax clicks like nobody's business; HB has a stable of ridiculously overstatted ICE that can be clicked through, but hard to break normally; HB can get all of the moneys either with clearances, or with sexbots; HB can whack your brains with a jackhammer. But meat is just not their thing, so your attempt to build a meat chopping HB is commendable, but likely to be sub-par due to the HB's cardpool.

TL;DR: you need to sqeeze as much inf as possible to get your butchering gear. Eli is great, but not as vital. I'd suggest spending inf ONLY on tags and meat (well, maybe keep one of those wraps around)

16 Dec 2016 OneFabric

@Shieldwall, @FarCryFromHuman, I have implemented many more changes. If you both have time, could you both go over the next iteration please? (11.2)

Thanks, OneFabric