Planet Express v3

Pinkwarrior 2278

My best prof deck to date it's able to play fast if needed but is a long term plan deck thats tech'd to deal with the current meta.

Faust for speed get's you in to deal with rush decks and useful to bin your extras or programs from hand for Clone Chiping mid runs.

Rabbit Hole to help with MU with GS Shrike M2 and turns on Underworld Contact for drip econ.

Brain Cage my BOOM! protection that also synergies with Faust and Game Day.

Game Day not a bad draw as long as your getting 4 or more cards and with Faust you can throw cards clogging your hand and this helps recover from a big trashing run.

Keyhole & Feedback Filter are my Jinteki tech cards.

The Toolbox gives you all you need extra econ MU and link a tad expensive but it will pay you back in the end.

Employee Strike & Beth Kilrain-Chang are just too good to not Include.