Fully Reprogrammable (Reprogrammer Revised) Revised

ntahfs 448

I just published this last night, but I noticed this morning that I made a mistake so I'm reposting. Sorry for that. Anyway, it's still a revision of my recent Reprogrammer deck; just a little bit better.

The idea is that I can race through card draws once the icebreakers are installed and Chop Bot 3000, Aesop's Pawnshop, and Reaver are firing coupled with the ID ability. That should be 3-4 click-free card draws each turn. If that pulls too many cards, Scavenge can retrieve programs on demand, or Levy AR Lab Access can reset for a second or third race through the deck.

And, there is a fairly healthy recurring economy of Sahasrara, Omni-drive, Net Celebrity, and Mirror to fuel runs which are needed for the draw engine to fire on all cylinders. And, Cold Read seems to fit right in here as well.

The most significant change that I have made since yesterday is that I replaced Find the Truth with Equivocation for use with Top Hat which lets you dig through R&D even better because it fires every run instead of just the first. And, it lets you force the corp to draw the top card so you can reveal a fresh one each run. Also, dropping Find the Truth leaves room for some Clone Chips which fuel the card draw even better!

I imagine the draw engine will work something like this:

  1. Mulligan for SMC along with Clone Chip or Scavenge and any economy

  2. Search an icebreaker on a run which trashes SMC (This gives card draw if Reaver is installed)

  3. Scavenge or Clone Chip for SMC (Clone Chip gives more card draw from the ID ability, and Scavenge gives draw from Reaver as well as the ID)

  4. Run for more icebreakers using SMC triggering Reaver again for more card draw

  5. At the start of any turn, trash 1 or 2 icebreakers with Aesop's Pawnshop and Chop Bot 3000 to gain credits and cards, then install them from the heap using the icebreaker ability which gives more card draw from the ID

  6. Cold Read can be thrown in as well to ditch a third icebreaker in a turn giving even more card draw if the icebreaker can be installed on a run again

And, R&D should be the primary target because when Top Hat and Equivocation are firing, every successful run gives a look at 2 new cards up to 5 deep. This should be a good way to lock R&D.

10 Dec 2016 nutritionalzero

What do you host on the Omni-drives?

10 Dec 2016 ixwt

@nutritionalzero probably the breakers to make them cheaper to use. And also so you have free MU.

10 Dec 2016 ntahfs

@nutritionalzero, @ixwt

Yep, the Omnis are for the icebreakers.

11 Dec 2016 ntahfs

After a little testing today, Ark Lockdown really spoiled my plans a few times, so I added an Atman to be used as a backup. This is very fun to play!

17 Dec 2016 CommissarFeesh

I am so tempted to sub Monolith into this deck for giggles :P